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Ancient refractory asthenosphere revealed by mantle re-melting at the Arctic Mid Atlantic Ridge 1-gen-2021 Sanfilippo, A.; Salters, V. J. M.; Sokolov, S. Y.; Peyve, A. A.; Stracke, A.
Antarctic FRO90011 lodranite: cooling history from pyroxene crystal chemistry and microstructure 1-gen-1994 Molin, G. M.; Domeneghetti, MARIA CHIARA; Salviulo, G.; Stimpfl, M.; Tribaudino, M.
Carbon polymorphs in Frontier Mountain ureilitic meteorites: A correlation with increasing the degree of shock? 1-gen-2023 Barbaro, A.; Domeneghetti, M. C.; Fioretti, A. M.; Alvaro, M.; Nestola, F.
Carbonation of subduction-zone serpentinite (high-pressure ophicarbonate; Ligurian Western Alps) and implications for the deep carbon cycling 1-gen-2016 Scambelluri, M.; Bebout, G. E.; Belmonte, D.; Gilio, M.; Campomenosi, N.; Collins, N.; Crispini, L.
Crystal plasticity and fluid availability govern the ability of titanite to record the age of deformation 1-gen-2023 Corvò, S; Maino, M; Piazolo, S; Kylander-Clark, Arc; Orlando, A; Seno, S; Langone, A
Direct assessment of mantle boron and lithium contents and distribution by SIMS analyses of peridotite minerals 1-gen-2004 Ottolini, L.; Le Fevre, B.; Vannucci, Riccardo
Garnet clinopyroxenite layers from the mantle sequences of the Northern Apennine ophiolites (Italy): Evidence for recycling of crustal material 1-gen-2012 Montanini, A.; Tribuzio, Riccardo; Thirlwall, M.
Geo-neutrinos: A new probe of Earth's interior. 1-gen-2005 Fiorentini, G.; Lissia, M.; Mantovani, F.; Vannucci, Riccardo
Origin of titanian pargasite in gabbroic rocks from the Northern Apennine ophiolites (Italy): insights into the late-magmatic evolution of a MOR-type intrusive sequence 1-gen-2000 Tribuzio, Riccardo; Tiepolo, Massimo; Thirlwall Matthew, F.
Role of ancient, ultra-depleted mantle in Mid-Ocean-Ridge magmatism 1-gen-2019 Sanfilippo, A.; Salters, V.; Tribuzio, R.; Zanetti, A.
Spin states and hyperfine interactions of iron incorporated in MgSiO 3 post-perovskite 1-gen-2012 Yu, Y. G.; Hsu, H.; Cococcioni, M.; Wentzcovitch, R. M.
Tectono-climatic implications of Eocene Paratethys regression in the Tajik basin of central Asia 1-gen-2015 Carrapa, Barbara; Decelles, Peter G.; Wang, Xin; Clementz, Mark T.; Mancin, Nicoletta; Stoica, Marius; Kraatz, Brian; Meng, Jin; Abdulov, Sherzod; Chen, Fahu
The dependence of Nb and Ta rutile-melt partitioning on melt composition and Nb/Ta fractionation during subduction processes 1-gen-2004 Schmidt, M. W.; Dardon, A.; Chazot, G.; Vannucci, Riccardo
The fate of B, Cl and Li in the subducted oceanic mantle and in the antigorite breakdown fluids 1-gen-2004 Scambelluri, M.; Muntener, O.; Ottolini, L.; Pettke, T.; Vannucci, Riccardo
Thermal history of Acapulco and ALHA81261 acapulcoites constrained by Fe2+-Mg ordering in orthopyroxene 1-gen-1996 Zema, Michele; Domeneghetti, MARIA CHIARA; Molin, G. M.
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