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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Accounting for water quality effects of future urbanization: diffuse pollution loads estimates and control in Mantua’s lakes (Italy) 1-gen-2003 Capodaglio, ANDREA GIUSEPPE; Muraca, A.; Becchi, G.
Assessing the Environmental Impact of WWTP Expansion: Odour Nuisance and its Minimization 1-gen-2002 Capodaglio, ANDREA GIUSEPPE; Conti, Fabio; Fortina, Luigi; Pelosi, G.; Urbini, Giordano
Diffuse pollution in the lagoon of Venice 1-gen-1993 Bendoricchio, G.; M., DI LUZIO; P., Baschieri; Capodaglio, ANDREA GIUSEPPE
Efficient degradation of MtBE and other gasoline-originated compounds by means of a biological reactor of novel conception: two case studies in Italy and in the USA 1-gen-2010 Capodaglio, ANDREA GIUSEPPE; M., Suidan; A. D., Venosa; Callegari, Arianna
Evaluation of modelling techniques for wastewater teatment plant automation 1-gen-1994 Capodaglio, ANDREA GIUSEPPE
Experimental analysis of the Hydrass flushing gate and field validation of flush propagation modelling 1-gen-2005 Bertrand Krajewski, Jean Luc; Campisano, A.; Creaco, ENRICO FORTUNATO; Modica, Carlo
Experimental analysis of the hydrass flushing gate and laboratory validation of flush propagation modelling 1-gen-2006 Campisano, A; Creaco, ENRICO FORTUNATO; Modica, Carlo
Field monitoring and evaluation of innovative solutions for cleaning storm water runoff. 1-gen-2003 Papiri, Sergio; Ciaponi, Carlo; Capodaglio, ANDREA GIUSEPPE; Collivignarelli, C.; Bertanza, G.; Swartling, F.; Crow, M.; Fantozzi, M.; Valcher, P.
Grounwater contamination from agricultural diffuse sources in northern Italy: long-term monitoring and mathematical modelling 1-gen-1993 Fortina, L.; Capodaglio, ANDREA GIUSEPPE; M., Baldi
High-strength wastewater treatment in a pure oxygen thermophilic process: 11-year operation and monitoring of different plant configurations 1-gen-2015 Collivignarelli, MARIA CRISTINA; Bertanza, Giorgio; Sordi, Marco; Pedrazzani, Roberta
Industrial wastewater treatment with a bioelectrochemical process: Assessment of depuration efficiency and energy production 1-gen-2018 Molognoni, Daniele; Chiarolla, Stefania; Cecconet, D.; Callegari, A.; Capodaglio, A. G.
Integral control requirements for sewerage systems 1-gen-1994 Capodaglio, ANDREA GIUSEPPE
Integration between chemical oxidation and membrane thermophilic biological process 1-gen-2010 Bertanza, Giorgio; Collivignarelli, MARIA CRISTINA; Crotti, BARBARA MARIANNA; Pedrazzani, Roberta
Long-term operation of a novel electrically-enhanced biomass concentrator reactor for wastewater treatment 1-gen-2018 Cecconet, D.; Callegari, A.; Capodaglio, A. G.
Methodological approach for the optimization of drinking water treatment plants' operation: a case study 1-gen-2015 Sorlini, Sabrina; Collivignarelli, MARIA CRISTINA; Castagnola, Federico; Crotti, Barbara Marianna; Raboni, Massimo
P controller calibration for the real time control of moveable weirs in sewer channels 1-gen-2009 Campisano, A; Creaco, ENRICO FORTUNATO; Modica, Carlo
Process auditing and performance improvement in a mixed wastewater-aqueous waste treatment plant 1-gen-2018 Collivignarelli, Maria Cristina; Bertanza, Giorgio; Abbà, Alessandro; Damiani, Silvestro
A simplified approach for the design of infiltration trenches 1-gen-2011 Campisano, A.; Creaco, ENRICO FORTUNATO; Modica, Carlo
Time series analysis models of activated sludge plants 1-gen-1991 Novotny, V.; H., Jones; X., Feng; Capodaglio, ANDREA GIUSEPPE
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