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Examining service-user perspectives for the development of a good outcome checklist for individuals at clinical high risk for psychosis 1-gen-2020 Petros, Natalia; Cullen, Alexis E; Vieira, Sandra; Rowland, Emma; King, Georgina; Leung, Wing See; Fusar-Poli, Paolo; Mechelli, Andrea; Mcguire, Philip
Harmonizing the structured interview for psychosis-risk syndromes (SIPS) and the comprehensive assessment of at-risk mental states (CAARMS): An initial approach 1-gen-2023 Addington, Jean; Woods, Scott W; Yung, Alison R; Calkins, Monica E; Fusar-Poli, Paolo
Long-acting injectable antipsychotics in early psychosis: A literature review 1-gen-2013 Emsley, R.; Chiliza, B.; Asmal, L.; Mashile, M.; Fusar-Poli, P.
Proportion of young people in the general population consulting general practitioners: Potential for mental health screening and prevention 1-gen-2019 Solmi, M.; Durbaba, S.; Ashworth, M.; Fusar-Poli, P.
Worldwide implementation of clinical services for the prevention of psychosis: The IEPA early intervention in mental health survey 1-gen-2020 Kotlicka-Antczak, Magdalena; Podgórski, Michał; Oliver, Dominic; Maric, Nadja P; Valmaggia, Lucia; Fusar Poli, P
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 5 di 5
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