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c-myc and c-myb oncoproteins during induced maturation of myeloid and erythroid human leukemic cell lines 1-gen-1989 Pedrazzoli, P; Bains, M A; Watson, RICHARD THOMAS; Fisher, Jonathan; Hoy, T G; Jacobs, ANTONIUS TIMOTHEUS JOSEPHUS MARIA
Leveraging Digital Data Streams: The Development and Validation of a Business Confidence Index 1-gen-2015 Piccoli, Gabriele; Gabriele and, Rodriguez; Joaquin and, Watson; Richard, T
Special Issue Editorial: Alea Iacta Est: Now is the Time to Extract Value from Digital Data Streams 1-gen-2016 Piccoli, Gabriele; Gabriele and, Pigni; Federico and, Watson; Watson, RICHARD THOMAS
Digital data streams: Creating value from the real-time flow of Big Data 1-gen-2016 Pigni, Federico; Piccoli, Gabriele; Watson, Richard
Sustainability and the manager’s perception of reality: towards a theory of bounded perception 1-gen-2020 Cabiddu, F.; Watson, R; Piccoli, G
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