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Lymphocyte subpopulations in the neonate: a subset of HNK-1-, OKT3-, OKT8+ lymphocytes displays natural killer activity. 1-gen-1984 Vitiello, A; Maccario, R; Montagna, Daniela; Porta, Fa; Alberini, Cm; Mingrat, G; Astaldi Ricotti, Gc; Nespoli, L; Ugazio, A. G.
Lymphocyte subpopulations in Down's syndrome: high percentage of circulating HNK-1+, Leu 2a+ cells. 1-gen-1984 Maccario, R; Ugazio, Ag; Nespoli, L; Alberini, C; Montagna, Daniela; Porta, F; Bonetti, F; Burgio, G. R.
Immunologia 1-gen-1986 Maccario, R; Montagna, D; Marseglia, GIAN LUIGI; Notarangelo, Ld
Lymphocyte Subpopulations In the Neonate - Invitro Proliferation, Il-1 and Il-2 Production By A Subset of Hnk-1-, Okt3-, Okt8+ Lymphocytes Displaying Nk Activity 1-gen-1986 R., Maccario; L. D., Notarangelo; Montagna, Daniela; A., Vitiello; F. A., Porta; A., Lanfranchi; Marseglia, GIAN LUIGI; A. G., Ugazio
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome in childhood: impaired production of interleukin-2 by HIV (LAV/HTLV III) infected patients. 1-gen-1987 Maccario, R; Aricó, M; Ugazio, A; Plebani, A; Montagna, Daniela; Avanzini, A; Marseglia, GIAN LUIGI; Caselli, D; Burgio, G.
Acquired-immune-deficiency-syndrome In Childhood - Impaired Production of Interleukin-2 By Hiv (lav/htlv Iii) Infected Patients 1-gen-1987 R., Maccario; M., Arico; A., Ugazio; A., Plebani; Montagna, Daniela; A., Avanzini; Marseglia, GIAN LUIGI; D., Caselli; G., Burgio
Modulating effect of growth hormone (GH) on PHA-induced lymphocyte proliferation 1-gen-1988 Bozzola, Mauro; Valtorta, Anice; Moretta, Antonia; Montagna, Daniela; Maccario, Rita; Burgio, GIUSEPPE ROBERTO
Natural cytotoxicity in the neonate: high levels of lymphokine activated killer (LAK) activity. 1-gen-1988 Montagna, Daniela; Maccario, R; Ugazio, Ag; Mingrat, G; Burgio, G. R.
Priming of CD4+ T cells specific for conserved regions of human immunodeficiency virus glycoprotein gp120 in humans immunized with a recombinant envelope protein. 1-gen-1990 Abrignani, S; Montagna, Daniela; Jeannet, M; Wintsch, J; Haigwood, Nl; Shuster, Jr; Steimer, Ks; Cruchaud, A; Staehelin, T.
Safety and immunogenicity of a genetically engineered human immunodeficiency virus vaccine 1-gen-1991 Wintsch, J; Chaignat, Cl; Braun, Dg; Jeannet, M; Stalder, H; Abrignani, S; Montagna, Daniela; Clavijo, F; Moret, P; Dayer, Jm
N-glycosylation of HIV-gp120 may constrain recognition by T lymphocytes. 1-gen-1991 Botarelli, P; Houlden, Ba; Haigwood, Nl; Servis, C; Montagna, Daniela; Abrignani, S.
Evaluation of Immune-response of Waldeyer Tissues After Local Stimulation With Bacterial Ribosomal Extracts - Lymphocyte-b, Lymphocyte-t and Lymphocyte-nk Phenotype and Function 1-gen-1992 R., Maccario; M., Deamici; Montagna, Daniela; Benazzo, Marco; A., Ascione; R., Pozzo; G., Romagnoli; E., Mevio
In vivo activated cord blood lymphocytes express high affinity interleukin-2 receptor: evaluation of their responsiveness to in vitro stimulation with recombinant interleukin-2. 1-gen-1992 Montagna, Daniela; Moretta, A; Marconi, Massimo; Mingrat, G; Gasparoni, A; Giarola, M; Maccario, R.
HLA-unrestricted killing of HSV-1-infected mononuclear cells. Involvement of either gamma/delta+ or alpha/beta+ human cytotoxic T lymphocytes. 1-gen-1993 Maccario, R; Revello, M. G.; Montagna, D.; Comoli, P.; Locatelli, Franco; Gerna, G.
Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation in children from partially matched family donors. 1-gen-1993 Locatelli, Franco; Zecca, M; Rossi, R; Maccario, R; Montagna, Daniela; Giorgiani, G; Gambarana, D; Comoli, P; Clementi, R; Bonetti, F.
Expression of CD45R0 antigen on the surface of resting and activated neonatal T lymphocyte subsets. 1-gen-1993 Maccario, R; Chirico, G; Mingrat, G; Aricò, M; Lanfranchi, A; Montagna, Daniela; Moretta, A; Rondini, G.
Epstein-Barr virus and herpes simplex virus specific cytotoxic T-lymphocyte activity after bone matrrow transplantation in pediatric patients: pattern of recovery and correlation with virus-specific immune status of the donor 1-gen-1994 Maccario, R; Comoli, P.; Tettoni, K.; Montagna, D.; Revello, M. G.; Percivalle, E.; Carra, A. M.; Labirio, M.; Gerna, G.; Locatelli, Franco
Expression of p75 chain of IL-2 receptor in the early immunological reconstitution after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation 1-gen-1994 Comoli, P; Maccario, R; Montagna, Daniela; Labirio, M; Zecca, M; Clementi, R; Bonetti, F; Locatelli, Franco
Herpes simplex virus-specific human cytotoxic T-cell colonies expressing either g/d or a/b T cell receptor: role of accessory molecules on HLA-unrestricted killing virus infection targets 1-gen-1995 Maccario, R; P., Comoli; E., Percivalle; Montagna, Daniela; Locatelli, Franco; G., Gerna
Alloantigen-induced human lymphocytes rendered nonresponsive by a combination of anti-CD80 monoclonal antibodies and Cyclosporin-A suppress mixed lymphocyte reaction in vitro 1-gen-1995 Comoli, P; Montagna, Daniela; Moretta, A; Zecca, M; Locatelli, Franco; Maccario, R.
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