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Virtual Teams: Team Control Structure, Work Processes and Team Effectiveness 1-gen-2004 Piccoli, G; Powell, A; Ives, B
Antecedents to Team Member Commitment from Near and Far: A Comparison between Collocated and Virtual Teams 1-gen-2006 Powell, Anne; Galvin, John; Piccoli, Gabriele
A Call to Engagement: Moving beyond User Involvement in Order to Achieve Successful Information Systems Design 1-gen-2007 Wagner, Erica; Piccoli, Gabriele
Marketing Strategies in Virtual Worlds 1-gen-2007 Lui Tsz, Wai; Piccoli, Gabriele; Ives, Blake
STA Travel Island: Marketing First Life Travel Services in Second Life 1-gen-2007 Ives, Blake; Piccoli, Gabriele
Information Systems for Manager: Text and Cases 1-gen-2008 Piccoli, Gabriele
A framework for evaluating the business value of customer data in hospitality 1-gen-2008 Piccoli, Gabriele
Making IT Matter in Hospitality: A Framework for Evaluating the Sustainability of IT-dependent Competitive Advantage 1-gen-2008 Piccoli, Gabriele
Profit From Customer Data by Identifying Strategic Opportunities and Adopting the 'Born Digital' Approach 1-gen-2008 Piccoli, Gabriele; Watson, Richard
Process completeness: strategies for Aligning service systems with customers' service needs 1-gen-2009 Piccoli, Gabriele; Brohman, Kathryn; Watson, Richard; Parasuraman, A.
IT-dependent Strategic Initiatives and Sustained Competitive Advantage: A Review and Synthesis of the Literature 1-gen-2009 Piccoli, Gabriele; Ives, Blake
Computer Self-Efficacy and Motivation to Learn in a Self-Directed Online Course 1-gen-2009 Simmering, M.; Posey, C.; Piccoli, Gabriele
E-Commerce, Web 2.0 and Entrepreneurship: Opportunities in the U-Space 1-gen-2009 Pitt, Layland; Watson, Richard; Berthon, Pier; Piccoli, Gabriele
A Design Theory Approach to Building Strategic Net-based Customer Service Systems 1-gen-2009 Brohman, Kathryn; Piccoli, Gabriele; Martin, Pat; Zulkernine, F.; Parasuraman, A.; Watson, Richard
Understanding Project Survival in an ES Environment: A Sociomaterial Practice Perspective 1-gen-2010 Erica, Wagner; Newell, Sue; Piccoli, Gabriele
Open Voucher and the tourist season in Sardinia 1-gen-2010 Cabiddu, Francesca; Piccoli, Gabriele
Strategic impacts of IT-enabled consumer power: Insight from Internet distribution in the U.S. lodging industry 1-gen-2010 Piccoli, Gabriele; Lloyd, Russell
Essentials of Information Systems for Managers 1-gen-2012 Piccoli, Gabriele
Information Systems for Manager: Text and Cases, 2nd edition 1-gen-2012 Piccoli, Gabriele
Managing value co-creation in the tourism industry 1-gen-2013 Cabiddu, Francesca; Lui Tsz, Wai; Piccoli, Gabriele
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 49
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