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Noninvasive evaluation of skeletal muscle oxidative metabolism after heart transplant 1-gen-2006 Lanfranconi, F.; Borrelli, E.; Ferri, A.; Porcelli, S.; Maccherini, M.; Chiavarelli, M.; Grassi, B.
Cardiac denervation does/does not play a major role in exercise limitation after heart transplantation [4] 1-gen-2008 Grassi, B.; Lanfranconi, F.; Porcelli, S.; Ferri, A.; Borrelli, E.
Metabolic myopathies: Functional evaluation by analysis of oxygen uptake kinetics 1-gen-2009 Grassi, B.; Porcelli, S.; Marzorati, M.; Lanfranconi, F.; Vago, P.; Marconi, C.; Morandi, L.
Role of skeletal muscles impairment and brain oxygenation in limiting oxidative metabolism during exercise after bed rest 1-gen-2010 Porcelli, S.; Marzorati, M.; Lanfranconi, F.; Vago, P.; Pisot, R.; Grassi, B.
Slow V̇O2 kinetics during moderate-intensity exercise as markers of lower metabolic stability and lower exercise tolerance 1-gen-2011 Grassi, B.; Porcelli, S.; Salvadego, D.; Zoladz, J. A.
Functional impairment of skeletal muscle oxidative metabolism during knee extension exercise after bed rest 1-gen-2011 Salvadego, D.; Lazzer, S.; Marzorati, M.; Porcelli, S.; Rejc, E.; Simunic, B.; Pisot, R.; Di Prampero, P. E.; Grassi, B.
Improved exercise tolerance after enzyme replacement therapy in pompe disease 1-gen-2012 Marzorati, M.; Porcelli, S.; Reggiori, B.; Morandi, L.; Grassi, B.
Fast reduction of peripheral blood endothelial progenitor cells in healthy humans exposed to acute systemic hypoxia 1-gen-2012 Colombo, E.; Marconi, C.; Taddeo, A.; Cappelletti, M.; Villa, M. L.; Marzorati, M.; Porcelli, S.; Vezzoli, A.; Della Bella, S.
Exercise testing in late-onset glycogen storage disease type II patients undergoing enzyme replacement therapy 1-gen-2012 Marzorati, M.; Porcelli, S.; Bellistri, G.; Morandi, L.; Grassi, B.
Assessment of a standardized ROS production profile in humans by electron paramagnetic resonance 1-gen-2012 Mrakic-Sposta, S.; Gussoni, M.; Montorsi, M.; Porcelli, S.; Vezzoli, A.
Reduced exercise capacity in early-stage amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: Role of skeletal muscle 1-gen-2012 Mezzani, A.; Pisano, F.; Cavalli, A.; Tommasi, M. A.; Corr, U.; Colombo, S.; Grassi, B.; Marzorati, M.; Porcelli, S.; Morandi, L.; Giannuzzi, P.
Cardiovascular and metabolic responses at rest and to exercise during 48 hours of head-out immersion: A case report 1-gen-2012 Pugliese, L.; La Torre, A.; Pavei, G.; Bonato, M.; Porcelli, S.
Lack of functional effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation on skeletal muscle oxidative metabolism in healthy humans 1-gen-2012 Porcelli, S.; Marzorati, M.; Pugliese, L.; Adamo, S.; Gondin, J.; Bottinelli, Roberto; Grassi, B.
Speeding of pulmonary VO2 on-kinetics by light-to-moderate- intensity aerobic exercise training in chronic heart failure: Clinical and pathophysiological correlates 1-gen-2013 Mezzani, A.; Grassi, B.; Jones, A. M.; Giordano, A.; Corra, U.; Porcelli, S.; Della Bella, S.; Taddeo, A.; Giannuzzi, P.
Skeletal muscle oxygen uptake in obese patients: Functional evaluation by knee-extension exercise 1-gen-2013 Lazzer, S.; Salvadego, D.; Porcelli, S.; Rejc, E.; Agosti, F.; Sartorio, A.; Grassi, B.
Hematological Profile and Martial Status in Rugby Players during Whole Body Cryostimulation 1-gen-2013 Lombardi, G.; Lanteri, P.; Porcelli, S.; Mauri, C.; Colombini, A.; Grasso, D.; Zani, V.; Bonomi, F. G.; Melegati, G.; Banfi, G.
Skeletal muscle Oxidative function in vivo and ex vivo in athletes with marked hypertrophy from resistance training 1-gen-2013 Salvadego, D.; Domenis, R.; Lazzer, S.; Porcelli, S.; Rittweger, J.; Rizzo, G.; Mavelli, I.; Simunic, B.; Pisot, R.; Grassi, B.
Time-course changes of oxidative stress response to high-intensity discontinuous training versus moderate-intensity continuous training in masters runners 1-gen-2014 Vezzoli, A.; Pugliese, L.; Marzorati, M.; Serpiello, F. R.; La Torre, A.; Porcelli, S.
Salivary steroid hormone response to whole-body cryotherapy in elite rugby players 1-gen-2014 Grasso, D.; Lanteri, P.; Di Bernardo, C.; Mauri, C.; Porcelli, S.; Colombini, A.; Zani, V.; Bonomi, F. G.; Melegati, G.; Banfi, G.; Lombardi, G.
A quantitative method to monitor reactive oxygen species production by electron paramagnetic resonance in physiological and pathological conditions 1-gen-2014 Mrakic-Sposta, S.; Gussoni, M.; Montorsi, M.; Porcelli, S.; Vezzoli, A.
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