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Publisher's Note: "Nonlinear control of coherent absorption and its optical signal processing applications(APL Photonics (2019) 4 (106109) DOI: 10.1063/1.5123547) 1-gen-2019 Xomalis, A.; Jung, Y.; Demirtzioglou, I.; Lacava, C.; Plum, E.; Richardson, D. J.; Petropoulos, P.; Zheludev, N. I.
Apodized silicon photonic grating couplers for mode-order conversion 1-gen-2019 Demirtzioglou, Iosif; Lacava, Cosimo; Shakoor, Abdul; Khokhar, Ali; Jung, Yongmin; J Thomson, David; Petropoulos, Periklis
Impact of waveguide cross section on nonlinear impairments in integrated optical filters for WDM communication systems 1-gen-2019 Lacava, C.; Marchetti, R.; Giuliani, G.; Fournier, M.; Menezo, S.; Messaoudene, S.; Minzioni, P.
Technique for the measurement of picosecond optical pulses using a non-linear fiber loop mirror and an optical power meter 1-gen-2019 Korai, Umair A.; Wang, Zifei; Lacava, Cosimo; Chen, Lawrence R.; Glesk, Ivan; Strain, and Michael J.
Cryptography in coherent optical information networks using dissipative metamaterial gates 1-gen-2019 Xomalis, Angelos; Demirtzioglou, Iosif; Jung, Yongmin; Plum, Eric; Lacava, Cosimo; Petropoulos, Periklis; J Richardson, David; I Zheludev, Nikolay
Silicon grating coupler for mode order conversion 1-gen-2019 Demirtzioglou, I.; Lacava, C.; Shakoor, A.; Khokhar, A.; Jung, Y.; Thomson, D. J.; Petropoulos, P.
AMI for Nonlinearity Mitigation in O-Band Transmission 1-gen-2019 Taengnoi, N.; Bottrill, K. R. H.; Lacava, C.; Richardson, D. J.; Petropoulos, P.
Roadmap on all-optical processing 1-gen-2019 Minzioni, Paolo; Lacava, Cosimo; Tanabe, Takasumi; Dong, Jianji; Hu, Xiaoyong; Csaba, Gyorgy; Porod, Wolfgang; Singh, Ghanshyam; Willner, Alan E; Almaiman, Ahmed; Torres-Company, Victor; Schröder, Jochen; Peacock, Anna C; Strain, Michael J; Parmigiani, Francesca; Contestabile, Giampiero; Marpaung, David; Liu, Zhixin; Bowers, John E; Chang, Lin; Fabbri, Simon; Ramos Vázquez, María; Bharadwaj, Vibhav; Eaton, Shane M; Lodahl, Peter; Zhang, Xiang; Eggleton, Benjamin J; Munro, William John; Nemoto, Kae; Morin, Olivier; Laurat, Julien; Nunn, Joshua
Intermodal bragg-scattering four wave mixing in silicon waveguides 1-gen-2019 Lacava, Cosimo; A Ettabib, Mohamed; Dominguez Bucio, Thalia; Sharp, Graham; Z Khokhar, Ali; Jung, Yongmin; Sorel, Marc; Gardes, Frederic; J Richardson, David; Petropoulos, Periklis; Parmigiani, Francesca
Mid-Index Silicon Nitride Devices for Enhanced Linear and Non-Linear Photonic Functionalities 1-gen-2019 Bucio, T. D.; De Paoli, G.; Gardes, F. Y.; Grabska, K. M.; Ilie, S. T.; Khokhar, A. Z.; Lacava, C.; Petropoulos, P.; Skandalos, I.
Ultra-Broadband Bragg Scattering Four Wave Mixing in Silicon Rich Silicon Nitride Waveguides 1-gen-2019 Lacava, C.; Bucio, T. D.; Khokhar, A. Z.; Horak, P.; Jung, Y.; Gardes, F.; Richardson, D. J.; Petropoulos, P.; Parmigiani, F.
Measurement of Optical Pulsewidth in the Picosecond Regime Using a Non-linear Fiber and Power Meter 1-gen-2019 Korai, U. A.; Wang, Z.; Lacava, C.; Chen, L. R.; Strain, M. J.; Glesk, I.
Four-Wave Mixing-Based Wavelength Conversion and Parametric Amplification in Submicron Silicon Core Fibers 1-gen-2020 Wu, D; Shen, L; Ren, Hn; Huang, M; Lacava, C; Campling, J; Sun, Sy; Hawkins, Tw; Gibson, Uj; Petropoulos, P; Ballato, J; Peacock, Ac
Intermodal four wave mixing in silicon-rich silicon nitride waveguides 1-gen-2020 Petropoulos, P.; Lacava, C.; Bucio, T. D.; Khokhar, A. Z.; Horak, P.; Jung, Y.; Gardes, F. Y.; Richardson, D. J.; Parmigiani, F.
A novel optical receiver for PAM-4 transmission 1-gen-2020 Liu, S.; Li, K.; Thomson, D. J.; Hong, Y.; Lacava, C.; Meng, F.; Zhang, W.; Petropoulos, P.; Reed, G.; Ruan, X.; Yang, F.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, F.
Beyond 100-Gb/s direct-detection transmission using an optical receiver co-integrated with a 28-nm CMOS gain-tunable fully-differential TIA 1-gen-2020 Hong, Yang; Li, Ke; Lacava, Cosimo; Liu, Shenghao; Thomson, David J.; Meng, Fanfan; Ruan, Xiaoke; Zhang, Fan; Reed, Graham T.; Periklis Petropoulos, And
Tapered submicron silicon core fiber for broadband wavelength conversion 1-gen-2020 Wu, D; Shen, L; Lacava, C; Petropoulos, P; Hawkins, T; Ballato, J; Gibson, Uj; Peacock, Ac
Silicon-rich silicon nitride CMOS compatible photonics 1-gen-2020 Lacava, Cosimo; Parmigiani, Francesca; Gardes, Frederic; Dominguez Bucio, Thalia; Petropoulos, Periklis
Tantalum pentoxide waveguides for spectral broadening of vertical external cavity surface emitting lasers 1-gen-2020 RC Woods, Jonathan; Daykin, Jake; SK Tong, Amy; Lacava, Cosimo; Petropoulos, Periklis; C Tropper, Anne; Horak, Peter; S Wilkinson, James; Apostolopoulos, Vasilis
Supercontinuum generation in tantalum pentoxide waveguides for pump wavelengths in the 900 nm to 1500 nm spectral region 1-gen-2020 RC Woods, Jonathan; Daykin, Jake; SK Tong, Amy; Lacava, Cosimo; Petropoulos, Periklis; C Tropper, Anne; Horak, Peter; S Wilkinson, James; Apostolopoulos, Vasilis
Mostrati risultati da 61 a 80 di 105
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