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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Development and evaluation of a PBPK model to study the pharmacokinetics of inhaled drugs in rats 1-gen-2019 Grandoni, S.; Cesari, N.; Melillo, N.; Brogin, G.; Puccini, P.; Magni, P.
Development and integration of the WinBUGS connector in the DDMoRe Interoperability Framework 1-gen-2016 Larizza, Cristiana; Borella, Elisa; Pasotti, Lorenzo; Smith, G.; Kaye, R.; Magni, Paolo
Development of a genetic algorithm for covariate analysis in population pharmacokinetic models 1-gen-2021 Bartolucci, R.; Masciale, G.; Tosca, E. M.; Magni, P.
Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) based models of tumor-in-host growth inhibition and cachexia onset 1-gen-2019 Tosca, E. M.; Rocchetti, M.; Pesenti, E.; Magni, P.
Evaluating the inclusion of the particle size distribution in the lung dissolution model of a WB-PBPK model to describe the pharmacokinetics of inhaled polydisperse drugs 1-gen-2018 Grandoni, S.; Cesari, N.; Brogin, G.; Puccini, P.; Magni, P.
Evaluating the Influence of Different Sources of Variability in the PK/PD Tumor Growth Inhibition (TGI) Model 1-gen-2008 F., Del Bene; M., Germani; F., Fiorentini; DE NICOLAO, Giuseppe; Magni, Paolo; M., Rocchetti
Evaluation of a minimal WB-PBPK platform supporting different routes of administration 1-gen-2017 Grandoni, Silvia; Bigoni, Giulia; Cesari, N.; Puccini, P.; Brogin, G.; Magni, Paolo
Evaluation of a PK/PD DEB-based model for tumor-in-host growth kinetics under anticancer treatment 1-gen-2016 Tosca, ELENA MARIA; Borella, Elisa; Terranova, Nadia; Rocchetti, M.; Magni, Paolo
Evaluation of software tools for Bayesian estimation on population models with count and continuous data 1-gen-2015 Borella, Elisa; Carrara, Letizia; Lavezzi, SILVIA MARIA; Mezzalana, Enrica; Pasotti, Lorenzo; DE NICOLAO, Giuseppe; Magni, Paolo
Evaluation of software tools for Bayesian estimation on population models:an update based on current software versions 1-gen-2018 Bartolucci, R.; Lavezzi, S. M.; Tosca, E. M.; Melillo, N.; Grandoni, S.; Borella, E.; Pasotti, L.; De Nicolao, G.; Magni, P.
Execution of complex Bayesian workflows with the DDMoRe Interoperability Framework: a case study in the diabetes area 1-gen-2017 Larizza, Cristiana; Borella, Elisa; Pasotti, Lorenzo; Tartaglione, Palma; Smith, M.; Moodie, S.; Magni, Paolo
Facing the limits of the genetic algorithms for covariate selection 1-gen-2022 Ronchi, D.; Tosca, E. M.; Ravasi, I.; Bartolucci, R.; Magni, P.
First-order longitudinal population model of FEV1 data: single-trial modeling and meta-analysis 1-gen-2013 Marostica, Eleonora; S., Yang; Russu, Alberto; DE NICOLAO, Giuseppe; S., Zamuner; M., Beerahee
Global sensitivity analysis of a physiologically based pulmonary absorption model 1-gen-2019 Melillo, N.; Grandoni, S.; Cesari, N.; Brogin, G.; Puccini, P.; Magni, P.
In vitro-in vivo correlation (IVIVC) population modeling for the in silico bioequivalence of a long-acting release formulation of Progesterone 1-gen-2018 Tosca, E. M.; De Nicolao, G.; Rochetti, M.; Magni, P.; Perez, E.; Nieto, C.; Bettica, P.; Moscoso del Prado, J.
Integrating Reinforcement Learning and PK-PD modelling to enable precision dosing: a multi-objective optimization for the treatment of Polycithemia Vera patients with Givinostat 1-gen-2023 De Carlo, A.; Tosca, E. M.; Magni, P.
Integration of response, tolerability and dropout in flexible-dose trials: a case study in depression 1-gen-2011 Russu, Alberto; Marostica, Eleonora; DE NICOLAO, Giuseppe; A. C., Hooker; Poggesi, Italo; R., Gomeni; S., Zamuner
Landscape on technical and conceptual requirements in Drug/Disease Modelling & Simulation 1-gen-2012 G., Vlasakakis; E., Comets; A., Drescher; I., Gueorguieva; Magni, Paolo; Terranova, Nadia; O., Della Pasqua; E. C., de Lange; C., Kloft
Mathematical models of tumor growth inhibition in xenograft mice after administration of anticancer agents given in combination 1-gen-2013 Terranova, Nadia; Germani, MASSIMILIANO ENRICO; DEL BENE, Francesca; Magni, Paolo
Mechanistic multi-scale systems pharmacokinetics model applied for the anticancer drug Gemcitabine in pancreatic cancer 1-gen-2017 Garcia Cremades, M.; Melillo, Nicola; Magni, Paolo; Troconiz, I. F.
Mostrati risultati da 13 a 32 di 63
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