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Carbamazepine poisoning: a case report. 1-gen-1986 Tartara, Amelia; Manni, Raffaele; Maurelli, Marco; Sandrini, Giorgio; Savoldi, Faustino
Daytime sleepiness in healthy university students: A multiparametric study 1-gen-1991 Manni, Raffaele; Ratti, MARIA TERESA; N., Barzaghi; Galimberti, CARLO ANDREA; C., Zucca; Perucca, Emilio; Tartara, Amelia
Comparative pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of eterobarbital and phenobarbital in normal volunteers. 1-gen-1991 Barzaghi, N; Gatti, Giuliana; Manni, Raffaele; Galimberti, CARLO ANDREA; Zucca, C; Perucca, Emilio; Tartara, Amelia
Six-year follow-up study on the efficacy and safety of vigabatrin in patients with epilepsy. 1-gen-1992 Tartara, Amelia; Manni, Raffaele; Galimberti, CARLO ANDREA; Morini, R; Mumford, Jp; Iudice, A; Perucca, Emilio
A multiparametric investigation of daytime sleepiness and psychomotor functions in epileptic patients treated with phenobarbital and sodium valproate: a comparative controlled study 1-gen-1993 Manni, Raffaele; Ratti, MARIA TERESA; Perucca, Emilio; Galimberti, CARLO ANDREA; Tartara, Amelia
The pharmacokinetics of oxcarbazepine and its active metabolite 10-hydroxy-carbazepine in healthy subjects and in epileptic patients treated with phenobarbitone or valproic acid. 1-gen-1993 Tartara, Amelia; Galimberti, CARLO ANDREA; Manni, Raffaele; Morini, R; Limido, G; Gatti, Giuliana; Bartoli, A; Strada, G; Perucca, Emilio
Daytime sleepiness in epileptic patients on long-term monotherapy: MSLT, clinical and psychometric assessment 1-gen-1993 Manni, Raffaele; Ratti, MARIA TERESA; Galimberti, CARLO ANDREA; R., Morini; Perucca, Emilio; Tartara, Amelia
Rare sleep-related convulsive seizures in elderly subjects 1-gen-2001 Galimberti, C. A.; Terzaghi, M.; Sartori, I.; Arbasino, C.; Manni, R.; Rustioni, V.; Marchese, D.; Tartara, A.
Epilepsy and obstruction sleep-apnea: Prevalence of the association and clinical picture 1-gen-2001 Manni, R.; Sartori, I.; Arbasino, C.; Terzaghi, M.; Rustioni, W.; Marchese, D.; Tartara, A.
Hallucinations and sleep-wake cycle in PD: A 24-hour continuous polysomnographic study 1-gen-2002 Manni, R.; Pacchetti, C.; Terzaghi, M.; Sartori, I.; Mancini, F.; Nappi, G.
Obstructive sleep apnea in a clinical series of adult epilepsy patients: Frequency and features of the comorbidity 1-gen-2003 Manni, R.; Terzaghi, M.; Arbasino, C.; Sartori, I.; Galimberti, C. A.; Tartara, A.
Relation between arousal and focal epileptic seizure during sleep: Evaluation by CAP analysis 1-gen-2003 Manni, R.; Terzaghi, M.; Galimberti, C. A.; Arbasino, C.; Rustioni, V.; Marchese, D.
Dopamine agonists and sleepiness in PD: Review of the literature and personal findings 1-gen-2004 Manni, R.; Terzaghi, M.; Sartori, I.; Mancini, F.; Pacchetti, C.
Hypnic headache: PSG evidence of both REM- and NREM-related attacks 1-gen-2004 Manni, R.; Sances, G.; Terzaghi, M.; Ghiotto, N.; Nappi, G.
Practice and diagnostic yield of sleep-deprived EEG within a decade: 1993-2003 1-gen-2004 Terzaghi, M.; Caprioli, F.; Arbasino, C.; Zambrelli, E.; Rustioni, V.; Marchese, D.; Manni, R.
Recurrent confusional states with PLEDs in elderly: Report of three cases 1-gen-2004 Zambrelli, E.; Terzaghi, M.; Caprioli, F.; Manni, R.
Seizures originating from the temporal lobe and sleep: Clinical and prognostic value of different association pictures 1-gen-2004 Manni, R.; Caprioli, F.; Zambrelli, E.; Terzaghi, M.
Rhythmic movements during sleep: A physiological and pathological profile 1-gen-2005 Manni, R.; Terzaghi, M.
Epilepsy and REM behaviour disorder comorbility 1-gen-2005 Terzaghi, M.; Zambrelli, E.; Ghirardini, E.; Merli, M.; Velikova, S.; Manni, R.
REM behavior disorder associated with epileptic seizures 1-gen-2005 Manni, R.; Terzaghi, M.
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