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A fibre flexure-shear model for seismic analysis of RC framed structures 1-gen-2009 Ceresa, Paola; Petrini, Lorenza; SILVA MOURA PINHO, RUI JORGE; Sousa, R.
A framework for the seismic assessment of existing masonry buildings accounting for different sources of uncertainty 1-gen-2014 Rota, M.; Penna, Andrea; Magenes, Guido
A nonlinear macroelement model for the seismic analysis of masonry buildings 1-gen-2014 Penna, Andrea; Lagomarsino, S.; Galasco, Alessandro
Distinct element modeling of the in-plane response of a steel-framed retrofit solution for URM structures 1-gen-2023 Damiani, N; Dejong, Mj; Albanesi, L; Penna, A; Morandi, P
Distinct element modelling of the in-plane cyclic response of URM walls subjected to shear-compression 1-gen-2019 Malomo, D.; Dejong, M. J.; Penna, A.
Effects of vertical ground motions on the dynamic response of URM structures: Comparative shake-table tests 1-gen-2022 Kallioras, S.; Graziotti, F.; Penna, A.; Magenes, G.
Evaluation of analytical methodologies used to derive vulnerability functions 1-gen-2014 V., Silva; H., Crowley; H., Varum; SILVA MOURA PINHO, RUI JORGE; R., Sousa
Experimental performance of a multi-storey braced frame structure with non-structural industrial components subjected to synthetic ground motions 1-gen-2022 Nardin, C.; Bursi, O. S.; Paolacci, F.; Pavese, A.; Quinci, G.
Free rocking response of a regular stone masonry wall with equivalent block approach: Experimental and analytical evaluation 1-gen-2013 Costa, A. A.; Arede, A.; Penna, Andrea; Costa, A.
Fuzzy control of structural vibration. An active mass system driven by a fuzzy controller 1-gen-1998 Battaini, M.; Casciati, Fabio; Faravelli, Lucia
Improved evaluation of inelastic displacement demands for short-period masonry structures 1-gen-2017 Guerrini, Gabriele; Graziotti, Francesco; Penna, Andrea; Magenes, Guido
In-plane seismic response of brick masonry walls 1-gen-1997 Magenes, Guido; Calvi, GIAN MICHELE
In-plane/out-of-plane interaction of strong masonry infills: From cyclic tests to out-of-plane verifications 1-gen-2022 Morandi, P.; Hak, S.; Milanesi, R. R.; Magenes, G.
Interstory drift based scaling of bi-directional ground motions 1-gen-2022 Sucuoglu, H; Eren, N; Pinho, R
Interstory drift based scaling of earthquake ground motions 1-gen-2021 Eren, N.; Sucuoglu, H.; Pinho, R.
Modelling rocking response via equivalent viscous damping 1-gen-2019 Tomassetti, U.; Graziotti, F.; Sorrentino, L.; Penna, A.
A novel macroelement model for the nonlinear analysis of masonry buildings. Part 1: Axial and flexural behavior 1-gen-2021 Bracchi, S.; Galasco, A.; Penna, A.
A novel macroelement model for the nonlinear analysis of masonry buildings. Part 2: Shear behavior 1-gen-2021 Bracchi, S.; Penna, A.
Numerical dynamic characterisation of concrete bridge stays 1-gen-2023 Orgnoni, A; Pinho, R; Calvi, Gm; Moratti, M; Scattarreggia, N
Out-of-plane behaviour of a full scale stone masonry façade. Part 1: specimen and ground motion selection 1-gen-2013 Costa, A. A.; Arede, A.; Campos Costa, A.; Penna, Andrea; Costa, A.
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