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Multimodal intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring in AcoA aneurysms surgery: Personal experience, file e1f104fb-eae8-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 3
Changes in serum levels of asymmetric-dimethylarginine (ADMA) in a rat model of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: Role of oxidative stress, file e1f104fa-2338-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 2
Multiple Sclerosis and Occupational Exposures: A Case-Control Study, file e1f104fa-9bdf-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 2
Le problematiche lavorative del nefropatico: considerazioni su 3 casi clinici, file e1f104fc-41a5-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 2
Microbial nucleoside phosphorylases as efficient biocatalysts for the synthesis of antiviral and antitumoral nucleosides, file e1f104fa-29dd-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Matrix metalloproteinase 2 and 9 evaluation in patients with or without diabetes during acute coronary syndrome and after the acute event, file e1f104fa-2bfb-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Neocentromere formation and evolution in the genus Equus, file e1f104fa-c649-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Induced hypotension and precision of landing in TEVAR: comparison between fast cardiac stimulation and nitrate derivatives/intravenous sodium nitroprusside, file e1f104fa-d536-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Percutaneous implantation of stent grafts in the management of vascular complications in transfemoral transcatheter aortic valve implantation., file e1f104fa-da86-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
[Does Music Matter?] C02 Project: A New Possible Way to Educate the Emotions to Fight Social e Psychological Distress Conditions, file e1f104fb-031c-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Anatomy of the Central Skull Base Viewed through the Endoscope, file e1f104fb-e2cd-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Biomolecular characterization of human glioblastoma cells in primary cultures. Differentiating and anti-angiogenic effects of natural and synthetic PPARγ agonists, file e1f104fb-eade-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Multimodal intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring in AcoA aneurysms surgery: Personal experience, file e1f104fb-eb4e-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Honeybee products and wound healing: an AQP3, H2O2 and Ca2+ signaling affair, file e1f104fc-60c7-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
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