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Peripheral CD4(+)CD25(+) TREG cell counts and the response to extracorporeal photopheresis in lung transplant recipients, file e1f104fa-033c-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 2
The assessment of IFN-gamma and its regulatory cytokines in the plasma and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis, file e1f104fa-0bbf-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 2
Frequency of Th1, Th2 and Th17 producing T lymphocytes in bronchoalveolar lavage of patients with systemic sclerosis., file e1f104fa-cbd1-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 2
Surfactant apoprotein A modulates interleukin-8 and monocyte chemotactic peptide-1 production, file e1f104fa-037d-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Broncho-alveolar lavage cytokine profile in a cohort of lung transplant recipients: a predictive role of interleukin-12 with respect to the onset of bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome, file e1f104fa-0828-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
A 10-year survey of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates in Pavia and their drug resistance: a comparison with other Italian reports, file e1f104fa-0840-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Comparison of a whole-blood interferon-gamma assay and tuberculin skin testing in patients with active tuberculosis and individuals at high or low risk of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, file e1f104fa-0880-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Only genuine CD4+CD25+ Tregs may be friends or foes, file e1f104fa-096d-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Acute Chlamydia pneumoniae and Mycoplasma pneumoniae infections in community-acquired pneumonia and exacerbations of COPD or asthma: therapeutic considerations, file e1f104fa-0977-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Ex vivo evaluation of PPD-specific IFN-gamma or IL-5 secreting cells in the peripheral blood and lungs of patients with tuberculosis, file e1f104fa-097e-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Human CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells selectively express tyrosine hydroxylase and contain endogenous catecholamines subserving an autocrine/paracrine inhibitory functional loop, file e1f104fa-09c9-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Pharmacological analysis of signal transduction pathways required for mycobacterium tuberculosis-induced IL-8 and MCP-1 production in human peripheral monocytes, file e1f104fa-09ea-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
BAL cytokine profile in different interstitial lung diseases: a focus on systemic sclerosis, file e1f104fa-0a65-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
The frequency of Interleukin-10 and Interleukin-5-secreting CD4+ T cells correlates to tolerance of transplanted Lung, file e1f104fa-0a7d-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Regulatory CD4+CD25+ T cells in the peripheral blood of lung transplant recipients: correlation with transplant outcome, file e1f104fa-0bf5-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Foxp3 expressing CD4+ CD25+ and CD8+CD28- T regulatory cells in the peripheral blood of patients with lung cancer and pleural mesothelioma., file e1f104fa-0c19-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 levels in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of lung-transplanted patients treated with tacrolimus as rescue treatment for refractory acute rejection, file e1f104fa-0c46-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Cytokine profile of broncho-alveolar lavage in BOOP and UIP, file e1f104fa-0cab-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Cytokine profile of bronchoalveolar lavage in systemic sclerosis with interstitial lung disease: comparison with usual interstitial pneumonia, file e1f104fa-0d0c-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Peripheral CD4+ CD25+ Treg cell expansion in lung transplant recipients is not affected by calcineurin inhibitors, file e1f104fa-0d18-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis affects inteleukin-8, monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 and interleukin-10 production by human mononuclear phagocytes, file e1f104fa-0d42-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid Proteome in Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome: Possible Role for Surfactant Protein A in Disease Onset, file e1f104fa-0d70-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Lung transplantation: the role of azithromycin in the management of patients with bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome, file e1f104fa-0d74-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Chemokine redundancy in BOS pathogenesis. A possible role also for the CC chemokines: MIP3-beta, MIP3-alpha, MDC and their specific receptors, file e1f104fa-0d75-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Systemic inflammatory response and downmodulation of peripheral CD25(+)Foxp3(+) T-regulatory cells in patients undergoing radiofrequency thermal ablation for lung cancer, file e1f104fa-100f-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
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