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Evaluation of Deposition and Clearance of Asbestos (Detected by SEM-EDS) in Lungs of Deceased Subjects Environmentally and/or Occupationally Exposed in Broni (Pavia, Northern Italy), file e1f104fd-15d7-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 8
Influence of Serotonin Transporter Gene Polymorphisms and Adverse Life Events on Depressive Symptoms in the Elderly: A Population-Based Study, file e1f104fa-79b0-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 7
Impaired osteoblastogenesis in a murine model of dominant osteogenesis imperfecta: a new target for osteogenesis imperfecta pharmacological therapy, file e1f104fb-c961-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 4
Occupational exposures and incidence of chronic bronchitis and related symptoms over two decades: The European Community Respiratory Health Survey, file e1f104fc-33c1-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 2
Crtap and p3h1 knock out zebrafish support defective collagen chaperoning as the cause of their osteogenesis imperfecta phenotype, file e1f104fc-7c11-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 2
Analysis of the national legislative and regulatory framework in the field of occupational health and safety in the Republic of Moldova, file 54c35a1a-bc9a-43c7-a031-0d343e5523b1 1
Asthma, COPD, Respiratory, and Allergic Health Effects in an Adult Population Living near an Italian Refinery: A Cross-Sectional Study, file 84aec2c7-13f0-4a54-a207-6910d741c50c 1
Association of statin pretreatment with presentation characteristics, infarct size and outcome in older patients with acute coronary syndrome: the Elderly ACS-2 trial, file cdf500de-0a21-4edf-8554-4b1f2ba6ce04 1
Brain aging and dementia during the transition from late adulthood to old age: design and methodology of the “Invece.Ab” population-based study, file e1f104fa-2076-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
The frequency and severity of cardiac involvement in myotonic dystrophy type 2 (DM2): long-term outcomes, file e1f104fa-2077-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Legal aspects regarding the use and integration of electronic medical records for epidemiological purposes with focus on the Italian situation., file e1f104fa-2115-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Relationship Between Inflammation and Benefits of Early High-Dose Rosuvastatin on Contrast-Induced Nephropathy in Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome: The Pathophysiological Link in the PRATO-ACS Study (Protective Effect of Rosuvastatin and Antiplatelet Therapy on Contrast-Induced Nephropathy and Myocardial Damage in Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome Undergoing Coronary Intervention), file e1f104fa-2118-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Trends in the prevalence of asthma and allergic rhinitis in Italy between 1991 and 2010, file e1f104fa-2425-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Adult lung function and long-term air pollution exposure. ESCAPE: a multicentre cohort study and meta-analysis., file e1f104fa-2589-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
A long-term time course of colorimetric assessment of the effects of imatinib mesylate on skin pigmentation: a study of five patients, file e1f104fa-271e-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Variation of NO2 and NOx concentrations between and within 36 European study areas: results from the ESCAPE study, file e1f104fa-2aef-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Role of Right Ventricle and Dynamic Pulmonary Hypertension on Determining ΔVO2/ΔWork Rate Flattening: Insights from Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test Combined with Exercise Echocardiography., file e1f104fa-88a9-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Trends in the prevalence of asthma and allergic rhinitis in Italy between 1991 and 2010., file e1f104fa-9fbf-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Geographical variation and the determinants of domestic endotoxin levels in mattress dust in Europe., file e1f104fa-a099-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Is there a threshold concentration of cat allergen exposure on respiratory symptoms in adults?, file e1f104fa-b955-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Impact of Rosuvastatin in Contrast-Induced Acute Kidney Injury in the Elderly: Post Hoc Analysis of the PRATO-ACS Trial, file e1f104fa-b956-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Prevalence and characterization of exercise oscillatory ventilation in apparently healthy individuals at variable risk for cardiovascular disease: A subanalysis of the EURO-EX trial, file e1f104fb-e007-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Cognitive stimulation in cognitively impaired individuals and cognitively healthy individuals with a family history of dementia: short-term results from the “Allena-Mente” randomized controlled trial., file e1f104fb-e0c5-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Air pollution and lung function in the European Community Respiratory Health Survey, file e1f104fb-e133-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Lung function decline in relation to moulds and dampness in the dwelling: The longitudinal European Community Respiratory Health Survey ECRHS-II, file e1f104fb-e497-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Occupational exposures and incidence of chronic bronchitis and related symptoms over two decades: The European Community Respiratory Health Survey, file e1f104fc-276b-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
The chaperone activity of 4PBA ameliorates the skeletal phenotype of Chihuahua, a zebrafish model for dominant osteogenesis imperfecta, file e1f104fc-3697-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
N-acetylcysteine treatment ameliorates the skeletal phenotype of a mouse model of diastrophic dysplasia, file e1f104fc-37d0-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Inorganic fiber lung burden in subjects with occupational and/or anthropogenic environmental asbestos exposure in broni (Pavia, northern italy): An sem‐eds study on autoptic samples, file e1f104fd-087d-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
Improvement of the skeletal phenotype in a mouse model of diastrophic dysplasia after postnatal treatment with N-acetylcysteine, file e1f104fd-0e2b-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
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