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Azithromycin protects mice against ischemic stroke injury by promoting macrophage transition towards M2 phenotype, file e1f104fd-79ac-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 9
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Effect of sex and estrogens on neuronal activation in an animal model of migraine., file e1f104fa-1ec2-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 2
Clinical and Demographical Characteristics of Patients with Medication Overuse Headache in Argentina and Chile: Analysis of the Latin American Section of COMOESTAS Project, file e1f104fa-943c-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 2
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PRKAR1B mutation associated with a new neurodegenerative disorder with unique pathology., file e1f104fb-2c6f-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 2
Botulinum neurotoxin type A for the treatment of pain: not just in migraine and trigeminal neuralgia, file e1f104fb-2f68-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 2
Effect of pregabalin in a model of stress and nitroglycerin- induced hyperalgesia in the rat, file e1f104fa-0f1a-8c6e-e053-1005fe0aa0dd 1
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