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The Role of Research in Wine: the Emergence of a Regional Research Area in an Italian Wine Production System 1-gen-2007 Morrison, A; Rabellotti, Roberta
Upgrading to Compete: SMEs, Clusters and Value Chains in Latin America 1-gen-2007 Pietrobelli, C; Rabellotti, Roberta
Business Development Service Centres in Italy: close to firms, far from innovation 1-gen-2007 Pietrobelli, C; Rabellotti, Roberta
Economia della Corea 1-gen-2008 Rabellotti, Roberta; Hirsch, G; Molini, V.
Global Value Chains and Technological Capabilities: A Framework to Study Industrial Innovation in Developing Countries 1-gen-2008 Morrison, Andrea; Carlo, Pietrobelli; Rabellotti, Roberta
Innovation systems and global value chains 1-gen-2009 Pietrobelli, C; Rabellotti, Roberta
Italian SMEs and Industrial Districts on the move: where are they going? 1-gen-2009 Rabellotti, Roberta; Carabelli, Anna; Hirsch, Giovanna
Knowledge and information networks in an Italian wine cluster 1-gen-2009 Morrison, A; Rabellotti, Roberta
Outward FDI from developing countries MNEs as a channel for technological catch-up 1-gen-2010 Amighini, A; Rabellotti, Roberta; Sanfilippo, M.
Catching-up Trajectories in the Wine Sector: A Comparative Study of Chile, Italy and South Africa 1-gen-2010 Cusmano, L; Morrison, A; Rabellotti, Roberta
Federalismo e crescita: E’ possibile una relazione virtuosa? 1-gen-2010 Lorenzini, S; Rabellotti, Roberta
Why do researchers collaborate with industry? An analysis of the wine sector in Chile, Italy and South Africa 1-gen-2010 Giuliani, E; Morrison, A; Pietrobelli, C; Rabellotti, Roberta
The international specialisation patterns of the Italian local economic systems: concentration or diversification?”, 1-gen-2011 Amighini, A; Leone, M; Rabellotti, Roberta
The “Marco Polo” effect: Chinese FDI in Italy 1-gen-2011 Pietrobelli, C.; Rabellotti, Roberta; S. A. N. F. I. L. I. P. P. O., M.
Innovation and Catching Up: The changing geography of wine production 1-gen-2011 Giuliani, E; Morrison, A; Rabellotti, Roberta
Innovation and Technological Catch up: The changing geography of wine production 1-gen-2011 Giuliani, E; Morrison, Andrea; Rabellotti, R.
Global Value Chains Meet Innovation Systems: Are There Learning Opportunities for Developing Countries 1-gen-2011 Pietrobelli, C; Rabellotti, Roberta
What Drives Chinese Multinationals to Italy 1-gen-2012 Pietrobelli, C.; Rabellotti, Roberta; Sanfilippo, M.
Universities in emerging economies: Bridging local industry with international science. Evidence from Chile and South Africa 1-gen-2012 Giuliani, E.; Rabellotti, Roberta
Do Chinese state-owned and private enterprises differ in their internationalization strategies? 1-gen-2013 Amighini, A.; Rabellotti, Roberta; Sanfilippo, M.
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 75
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