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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Advances in Modeling and Management of Urban Water Networks 1-gen-2020 Campisano, Alberto; Creaco, Enrico
Advances in water distribution networks 1-gen-2018 Creaco, Enrico; Pezzinga, Giuseppe
Assessing potential algal blooms in a shallow fluvial lake by combining hydrodynamic modelling and remote-sensed images 1-gen-2015 Pinardi, Monica; Fenocchi, Andrea; Giardino, Claudia; Sibilla, Stefano; Bartoli, Marco; Bresciani, Mariano
Assessment of siltation processes of the Koronowski Reservoir in the northern Polish lowland based on bathymetry and empirical formulas 1-gen-2018 Szatten, Dawid; Habel, Michał; Pellegrini, Luisa; Maerker, Michael
Assessment of the dnieper alluvial riverbed stability affected by intervention discharge downstream of Kaniv Dam 1-gen-2020 Obodovskyi, O.; Habel, M.; Szatten, D.; Rozlach, Z.; Babinski, Z.; Maerker, M.
A Bi-Objective Approach for Optimizing the Installation of PATs in Systems of Transmission Mains 1-gen-2020 Creaco, E.; Galuppini, G.; Campisano, A.; Ciaponi, C.; Pezzinga, G.
Bioelectrochemical greywater treatment for non-potable reuse and energy recovery 1-gen-2021 Cecconet, D.; Bolognesi, S.; Piacentini, L.; Callegari, A.; Capodaglio, A. G.
Comparison of algorithms for the optimal location of control valves for leakage reduction in WDNs 1-gen-2018 Creaco, Enrico; Pezzinga, Giuseppe
Comparison of bottom-up and top-down procedures for water demand reconstruction 1-gen-2020 Fiorillo, D.; Creaco, E.; Paola, F. D.; Giugni, M.
Comparison of Flow-Dependent Controllers for Remote Real-Time Pressure Control in a Water Distribution System with Stochastic Consumption 1-gen-2019 Page, Philip; Creaco, Enrico
Comparison of pressure-driven formulations for WDN simulation 1-gen-2018 Ciaponi, Carlo; Creaco, Enrico
Comparison of Techniques for Maintaining Adequate Disinfectant Residuals in a Full-Scale Water Distribution Network 1-gen-2022 Avvedimento, Stefania; Todeschini, Sara; Manenti, Sauro; Creaco, ENRICO FORTUNATO
A data-driven method for the temporal estimation of soil water potential and its application for shallow landslides prediction 1-gen-2021 Bordoni, M.; Inzaghi, F.; Vivaldi, V.; Valentino, R.; Bittelli, M.; Meisina, C.
Drinking water temperature around the globe: Understanding, policies, challenges and opportunities 1-gen-2020 Agudelo-Vera, C.; Avvedimento, S.; Boxall, J.; Creaco, E.; de Kater, H.; Nardo, A. D.; Djukic, A.; Douterelo, I.; Fish, K. E.; Rey, P. L. G.; Jacimovic, N.; Jacobs, H. E.; Kapelan, Z.; Solano, J. M.; Pachongo, C. M.; Piller, O.; Quintiliani, C.; Rucka, J.; Tuhovcak, L.; Blokker, M.
A dual source of phosphorus to lake sediments indicated by distribution, content, and speciation: Inle lake (Southern Shan State, Myanmar) 1-gen-2020 Thin, M. M.; Sacchi, E.; Setti, M.; Re, V.
Efficiency and Energy Demand in Polishing Treatment of Wastewater Treatment Plants Effluents: Photoelectrocatalysis vs. Photocatalysis and Photolysis 1-gen-2021 Collivignarelli, Maria Cristina; Carnevale Miino, Marco; Arab, Hamed; Bestetti, Massimiliano; Franz, Silvia
Empirical and Physically Based Thresholds for the Occurrence of Shallow Landslides in a Prone Area of Northern Italian Apennines 1-gen-2019 Bordoni, Massimiliano; Corradini, Beatrice; Lucchelli, Luca; Valentino, Roberto; Bittelli, Marco; Vivaldi, Valerio; Meisina, Claudia
Ensemble Evaluation and Member Selection of Regional Climate Models for Impact Models Assessment 1-gen-2022 Minaei, A.; Todeschini, S.; Sitzenfrei, R.; Creaco, E.
Experimental and numerical investigation of pre-breaking and breaking vorticity within a plunging breaker 1-gen-2018 Diana De Padova, ; Maurizio, Brocchini; Federica, Buriani; Sara, Corvaro; Francesca De Serio, ; Mossa, Michele; Sibilla, Stefano
Exploring numerically the benefits ofwater discharge prediction for the remote RTC of WDNs 1-gen-2017 Creaco, Enrico
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 40
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