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Epinephrine-mediated protein kinase C and Rap1b activation requires theco-stimulation of Gz-, Gq-, and Gi-coupled receptors. 73
Effect of platelet GP llb-llla complex occupancy on early stages of platelet activation 68
Platelet interaction with CNBr peptides from type II collagen via integrin alpha2 beta1 61
The proline-rich tyrosine kinase Pyk2 regulates platelet integrin αIIbβ3 outside-in signaling 58
Folic acid-conjugated 4-amino-phenylboronate, a boron-containing compound designed for boron neutron capture therapy, is an unexpected agonist for human neutrophils and platelets 58
Alzheimer disease and platelets: how’s that relevant 58
A role for p38 MAP kinase in platelet activation by von Willebrand factor 57
Nongenomic effects of 17beta-estradiol in human platelets: potentiation of thrombin-induced aggregation through estrogen receptor beta and Src kinase 57
The low-molecular-weight phosphotyrosine phosphatase is a negative regulator of FcgammaRIIA-mediated cell activation 54
Calmodulin regulates the non-amyloidogenic metabolism of amyloid precursor protein in platelets 53
Confronto di due metodi di criopreservazione piastrinica basati sull'impiego di glicerolo-glucosio o DMSO: studio della funzionalità piastrinica in vitro. 52
E-cadherin endocytosis regulates the activity of Rap1: a traffic light GTPase at the crossroad between cadherin and integrin function 51
Binding of von Willebrand factor to the small proteoglycan decorin 51
Activation of poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase in apoptotic human cells 49
The small GTPase Rap1b regulates the cross talk between platelet integrin alpha2beta1 and integrin alphaIIbbeta3 49
Distinct Role of Pyk2 in Mediating Thromboxane Generation Downstream of Both G12/13 and Integrin  IIb 3 in Platelets 49
A new role for FcgRIIA in the potentiation of human platelet activation induced by weak stimulation. 48
Arachidonic acid mediates angiotensin II effects on p21ras in renal proximal tubular cells via the tyrosine kinase-Shc-Grb2-Sos pathway 48
Expression, activation, and subcellular localization of the Rap1 GTPase in cord blood-derived human megakaryocytes. 48
A selective role for phosphatidylinositol (3,4,5) trisphosphate in the Gi-dependent activation of platelet rap1B 48
Activation of the small GTPase Rap2B in agonist-stimulated human platelets. 48
Von Willebrand Factor and GPIb regulates proplatelets formation by human megakaryocytes. 48
Pull-Down Assay for Analysis of Integrin-Mediated Activation of Rap Proteins in Adherent Platelets 48
Role of Focal Adhesion Tyrosine Kinases in GPVI-Dependent Platelet Activation and Reactive Oxygen Species Formation 48
null 47
Agonist-induced actin polymerization is required for the irreversibility of platelet aggregation 47
Association of the low molecular weight GTP-binding protein rap2B with the cytoskeleton during platelet aggregation 47
Phosphorylation of the guanine-nucleotide-exchange factor CalDAG-GEFI by protein kinase A regulates Ca2+-dependent activation of platelet Rap1b GTPase 47
Adhesive receptors, extracellular proteins and myosin IIA orchestrate proplatelet formation by human megakaryocytes. 46
Nanoparticles induce platelet activation in vitro through stimulation of canonical signalling pathways 46
Poly(ADP-ribose) degradation by post-nuclear extracts from human cells 46
Thrombopoietin complements Gi- but not Gq-dependent pathways for integrin alphaIIbbeta3 activation and platelet aggregation. 45
Rap proteins: investigating their role in cell function 45
Lysophosphatidic acid induces protein tyrosine phosphorylation in the absence of phospholipase C activation in human platelets 44
Intraplatelet signaling mechanisms of the priming effect of matrix metalloproteinase-2 on platelet aggregation 44
Proline-rich tyrosine kinase 2 and focal adhesion kinase are involved in different phases of platelet activation by von Willebrand factor 44
Membrane lipid rafts coordinate estrogen-dependnet signlaing in human platelets 43
The role of low molecular weight GTP-binding proteins in human platelets 43
Thrombin induces the association of cyclic ADP-ribose synthesizing CD38 with the platelet cytoskeleton 43
Cryopreservation of human platelets using dimethyl sulfoxide and glycerol-glucose: effects on "in vitro" platelet function 43
Expression, activation and subcellular localization of the Rap1 GTPase in human cord blood-derived megakaryocytes 43
Integrin alpha2beta1 induces phosphorylation-dependent and phosphorylation-independent activation of phospholipase Cgamma2 in platelets: role of Src kinase and Rac GTPase 43
Hydrolysis of NADP+ by platelet CD38 in the absence of synthesis and degradation of cyclic ADP-ribose 2'-phosphate 42
Rap1B and rap2B translocation to the cytoskeleton by von Willebrand Factor involves FcgammaII receptor-mediated protein tyrosine phosphorylation 42
Cryopreservation of human platelets using dimethyl sulfoxide and glycerol-glucose: effects on "in vitro" platelet function. 42
Expression, activation, and subcellular localization of the Rap1, GTPase in human cord blood-derived megakaryocytes 42
Expression, activation, and subcellular localization of the Rap1, GTPase in human cord blood-derived megakaryocytes. 42
Immobilized amyloid Aβ peptides support platelet adhesion and activation 42
The small proteoglycan decorin supports adhesion and activation of human platelets 41
Novel pharmacological inhibitors demonstrate the role of the tyrosine kinase Pyk2 in adhesion and aggregation of human platelets 41
Autosomal dominant thrombocytopenias with reduced expression of glycoprotein Ia 41
Regulation of protein kinase C by the platelet P2Y12 receptor. 41
Amyloid precursor protein is required for in vitro platelet adhesion to amyloid peptides and potentiation of thrombus formation 41
Effects of lectins on mammalian cells. IX. Lectin-induced calcium mobilization in human platelets: use of fluorescent probes 40
Evidence for a glycoprotein IIb-IIIa- and aggregation-independent mechanism of phosphatidylinositol 3',4'-bisphosphate synthesis in human platelets 40
Defect of platelet aggregation and adhesion induced by autoantibody against glycoprotein IIIa. 40
Effect of GPIIb complex ligand on calcium ion movement and cytoskeleton organization in actived platelets. 40
Contribution of protease-activated receptors 1 and 4 and glycoprotein Ib-IX-V in the Gi-independent activation of platelet Rap1B by thrombin. 40
Clustering of integrin alphaIIb-beta3 differently regulates tyrosine phosphorylation of pp72syk, PLCgamma2 and pp125FAK in concanavalin A-stimulated platelets 39
Signalling through the platelet glycoprotein Ib-V-IX complex 39
Role of rap1B and p21ras GTPase-activating protein in the regulation of phospholipase Cgamma1 in human platelets 39
Role of amyloid peptides in vascular dysfunction and platelet dysregulation in Alzheimer’s disease 39
Possible Role of Rap1B in the Cross-Talk between Integrins {alpha}2ß1 and {alpha}IIbß3 38
Release of Prometastatic Platelet-Derived Microparticles Induced by Breast Cancer Cells: A Novel Positive Feedback Mechanism for Metastasis 38
Altered cytoskeleton organization in platelets from patients with MYH9-related disease. 38
Platelet amyloid precursor protein is a modulator of venous thromboembolism in mice 38
Epinephrine induces intracellular Ca2+ mobilization in thrombin-desensitized platelets: a role for GPIb-IX-V 38
FbsA, a fibrinogen-binding protein from Streptococcus agalactiae, mediates platelet aggregation. 38
Cytoskeleton-dependent inhibition of the ADP-ribosyl cyclase activity of CD38 in thrombin-stimulated platelets 37
Amyloid β-peptide-dependent activation of human platelets: essential role for Ca2+ and ADP in aggregation and thrombus formation. 37
Increased platelet adhesion and thrombus formation in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease 37
PI3K/Akt in platelet integrin signaling and implications in thrombosis 37
Dual mechanism of protein-tyrosine phosphorylation in Concanavalin A-stimulated platelets 36
Rap2, but not Rap1 GTPase is expressed in human red blood cells and is involved in vesiculation 36
Roles of phospholipase C and phospholipase D in receptor-mediated platelet activation 35
Structure and function of rap proteins in human platelets 35
Application of a diagnostic algorithm to 50 consecutive patients with inherited thrombocytopenias 35
A new role for FcgammaRIIA in the potentiation of human platelet activation induced by weak stimulation 35
Molecular mechanisms of platelet activation and aggregation induced by breast cancer cells 34
The focal adhesion kinase Pyk2 links Ca2+ signalling to Src family kinase activation and protein tyrosine phosphorylation in thrombin-stimulated platelets 34
Intracellular calcium mobilization is triggered by clustering of membrane glycoproteins in concanavalin A-stimulated platelets 34
Targeting of the small GTPase Rap2b, but not Rap1b, to lipid rafts is promoted by palmitoylation at Cys176 and Cys177 and is required for efficient protein activation in human platelets. 34
The Small GTPase Rap1b: A Bidirectional Regulator of Platelet Adhesion Receptors 33
null 33
A Gi dependent pathway is required for activation of the small GTPase Rap1B in human platelets 33
PI3Kβ inhibition: All that glitters is not gold 33
The irreversibility of platelet aggregation is regulated by myosin IIA, but is not compromised in MYH9-related disease. 33
Platelet CD40L Modulates Thrombus Growth Via Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase β, and Not Via CD40 and IκB Kinase α 32
5′UTR point substitutions and N-terminal truncating mutations of ANKRD26 in acute myeloid leukemia 32
Genetic evidence for a predominant role of PI3Kbeta catalytic activity in ITAM- and integrin-mediated signaling in platelets. 32
Identification and biochemical characterization of Rap2C, a new member of the Rap family of small GTP-binding proteins 32
Biochemical studies on platelets from patients affected by myelofibrosis 31
Thrombin induces platelet activation in the absence of functional protease activated receptors 1 and 4 and glycoprotein Ib-IX-V. 31
A Functional Interplay Between Pyk2 and Src Family Kinases Links Ca2+ Signaling To Protein Tyrosine Phosphorylation In Thrombin-Stimulated Platelets 31
Interaction of the low molecular weight GTP-binding protein Rap2 with the platelet cytoskeleton is mediated by direct binding to the actin filaments 30
Role and regulation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase β in platelet integrin α2β1 signaling. 29
The Gi-coupled P2Y12 receptor regulates diacylglycerol-mediated signaling in human platelets 29
Interrelation of platelet aggregation, release reaction and tromboxane A2 production. 28
Expression of cyclic ADP-ribose synthetizing CD38 molecule on human platelet membrane 28
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