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Nome #
Deep breathing improves blunted baroreflex sensitivy in obese children with insuline resistance 89
Treatment of chronic heart failure: an expert system advisor for general practitioners. 87
Interaction between central-peripheral chemoreflexes and cerebrocardiovascular control 83
Autonomic control of the cerebral circulation during normal and impaired peripheral circulatory control 72
Autonomic and ventilatory components of heart rate and blood pressure variability in freely behaving rats. 71
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Cardiovascular and respiratory effect of yogic slow breathing in the yoga beginner: what is the best approach? 64
Sympathetic and parasympathetic baroreflex dysfunction in familial dysautonomia 63
Acute haemodynamic effects of ibopamine and dopamine on isovolumic relaxation. 63
Frequency-dependent baroreflex control of blood pressure and heart rate during physical exercise 62
Slow breathing immproves arterial baroreflex and decreases blood pressure in essential hypertension 62
Slow breathing reduces chemoreflex response to hypoxia and hypercapnia, and increases baroreflex sensitivity 61
Analisi preliminare di un sistema esperto per la diagnosi cardiologica incruenta. 60
Semplice algoritmo per la valutazione del rilasciamento isovolumetrico del ventricolo sinistro. 60
Arterial stiffness and vascular complications in patients with type 1 diabetes: the Finnish Diabetic Nephropathy (FinnDiane) Study. 60
Persistence of baroreceptor control of cerebral blood flow velocity at a simulated altitude of 5000 m. 60
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Subband modeling of the human cardiovascular system: new insights into cardiovascular regulation. 58
Arterial function can be obtained by noninvasive finger pressure waveform 58
Sinusoidal neck suction for evaluation of baroreflex sensitivity during desflurane and sevoflurane anesthesia 57
Cardiac autonomic dysfunction in obese subjects. 57
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Exercise intolerance at high altitude (5050 m): critical power and W'. 57
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Assessment of regional myocardial performance with end-systolic pressure lenght and thickness relationships. 57
Cardiorespiratory interactions to external stimuli. 56
Contribution of the dynamic phonocardiography to the valvular heart disease diagnosis: an expert system study. 56
[Measurement of electrical impedance in the human body: bioelectrical effects of artificially induced venous stasis]. 56
[Significance of the electric current characteristics used in rheography. Study on the relationship between frequency, voltage and intensity of the current with reference to impedance values of the body mass]. 56
Heart rate and cardiovascular variability at high altitude 56
Music and the heart. Interview by Emma Baines 55
Heart sound propagation in the human thorax. 55
Cardiovascular modulation and postural hypotension in primary amyloidosis 55
Evidence for an intrinsic mechanism regulating the heart rate variability in the transplanted and the intact heart during submaximal dynamic exercise? 54
Circulating levels of soluble receptor for advanced glycation end products in neurodegenerative and vascular dementia 54
[Autonomic nervous system adaptation during physical exercise]. 54
Breathing patterns and cardiovascular autonomic modulation during hypoxia induced by simulated altitude 54
Cerebral vasoreactivity in Andeans and headache at sea level. 53
Diabetic neuropathies: update on definitions, diagnostic criteria, estimation of severity, and treatments. 53
[The variability of the heart rate, arterial pressure and peripheral circulation as the indices of autonomic control in essential hypertension]. 53
Automatic on-line measurement of systolic time intervals using a personal computer. 53
Peripheral arterial vascular function at altitude: sea-level natives versus Himalayan high-altitude natives 52
Interval hypoxic training 52
Contribution of the dynamic phonomechanocardiography to the valvular heart disease diagnosis: an expert system study. 52
Durante occlusione coronarica sperimentale la dobutamina rallenta ulteriormente la costante di tempo del rilasciamento isovolumetrico. 52
Microcomputer-aided diagnosis in cardiology. An expert system based on clinical and phono-mechanocardiographic data. 52
Effects of a single bout of interval hypoxia on cardiorespiratory control and blood glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes 52
Modelli matematici per lo studio del rilasciamento isovolumetrico. 52
Clinical evaluation of arterial baroreflex activity in diabetes 51
Modulatory effects of respiration 51
Cardiovascular variability is/is not an index of autonomic control of circulation. 51
How to assess arterial compliance in humans. 51
Baroreflex sensitivity and heart rate variability as predictors of cardiovascular outcome in hypertensive patients with multiple risk factors for coronary disease 51
Measuring left ventricular dimensions by conductance catheter in the rabbit. 51
Non-respiratory components of heart rate variability in heart transplant recipients: evidence of autonomic reinnervation? 51
Autonomic control of skin microvessels: assessment by power spectrum of photoplethysmographic waves. 51
Critical evaluation of pharmaco-dynamic tests for cardiovascular diagnosis: an expert system approach. 51
Confronto tra apicografia calibrata e tecniche invasive della valutazione della diastole: dati preliminari. 51
[Comparative clinical evaluation of left ventricular ejection time using carotid and ear pulses]. 51
Respiratory and cardiovascular adaptations to progressive hypoxia; effect of interval hypoxic training. 50
[Cardiac response to the cold pressor test in essential hypertension. Effect of saline depletion on the systolic interval]. 50
[Importance of the type of electrodes in the evaluation of skin impedance]. 50
[Preliminary analysis of an expert system for bloodless cardiologic diagnosis]. 50
Noninvasive assessment of central circulatory pressures by analysis of ear densitographic changes during the Valsalva maneuver. 50
Yoga and rehabilitation: physical, psychological, and social 50
Spontaneous group synchronization of movements and respiratory rhythms 50
Modificazioni dell'impulso apicale in condizioni di sovraccarico acuto di volume. 50
Time delay of vagally mediated cardiac baroreflex response varies with autonomic 49
Effect of treatment with nasal continuous positive airway pressure on ventilatory response to hypoxia and hypercapnia in patients with sleep apnea syndrome. 49
Determinants of respiratory sinus arrhythmia in the vagotomized rabbit. 49
[Changes in apical cardiac impulse under conditions of acute volume load]. 49
[Basic resistance in rheogram of the extremities]. 49
[Reproducibility of the measurement of thoracic electric impedance].[Article in Italian] 49
Hypoxic ventilatory response in successful extreme altitude climbers 49
Alterations of breathing in chronic heart failure: clinical relevance of arterial oxygen saturation instability. 49
Sleep-related hypoxemia and excessive erythrocitosis in Andean high altitude natives 48
Dynamic right and left ventricular interaction in tne rabbit: simultaneous measurements of ventricular pressure-volume loops. 48
Dynamic interactions between musical, cardiovascular, and cerebral rhythms in humans 48
Modeling the isovolumic relaxation period. 48
Relationship between retinal ischemia and cardiovascular autonomic damage in diabetes. 48
Influence of respiratory instability during neurocardiogenic presyncope on cerebrovascular and cardiovascular dynamics. 48
Bedside diagnosis of cardiac autonomic damage by computerized analysis of heart rate-respiration relationship. 48
Load dependence of isovolumic relaxation in intact heart: facts or artifacts? 48
Reduced hypoxic ventilatory response with preserved blood oxygenation in yoga trainees and Himalayan Buddhist monks at altitude: evidence of a different adaptive strategy? 47
Measuring left ventricular dimensions by conductance catheter in the rabbit. 47
[Diurnal changes in Schellong's test]. 47
Progressive withdrawal of muscle nerve sympathetic activity preceding vaso-vagal syncope during lower-body negative pressure. 47
Autonomic regulation of heart rate and peripheral circulation: comparison of high altitude and sea level residents. 47
[Distribution of lines of electric potential along the lower limb]. 47
Effect of rosary prayer and yoga mantras on autonomic cardiovascular rhythms: comparative study 47
Totale 5516
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