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NA - Nord America 3294
EU - Europa 3178
AS - Asia 1988
AF - Africa 6
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 6
SA - Sud America 1
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 3284
CN - Cina 1974
IE - Irlanda 1161
UA - Ucraina 597
FI - Finlandia 359
DE - Germania 325
SE - Svezia 230
IT - Italia 213
GB - Regno Unito 138
FR - Francia 86
BE - Belgio 37
RU - Federazione Russa 20
CA - Canada 10
NL - Olanda 8
IN - India 6
EU - Europa 5
MU - Mauritius 5
TR - Turchia 4
SA - Arabia Saudita 2
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AR - Argentina 1
BA - Bosnia-Erzegovina 1
BG - Bulgaria 1
GR - Grecia 1
HK - Hong Kong 1
KR - Corea 1
RO - Romania 1
ZA - Sudafrica 1
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Dublin 1160
Chandler 934
Jacksonville 774
Nanjing 622
Nanchang 246
Princeton 189
Lawrence 178
Hebei 177
Beijing 170
Jiaxing 166
Wilmington 164
Shenyang 163
Ann Arbor 156
Medford 155
Changsha 149
Boardman 101
Hangzhou 97
Tianjin 84
Pavia 72
Milan 50
Woodbridge 48
Helsinki 38
Brussels 37
Dearborn 33
Verona 25
Fairfield 21
Norwalk 19
Des Moines 17
Ningbo 12
Jinan 11
Auburn Hills 10
Toronto 10
Falls Church 8
Lanzhou 8
Kunming 7
Taizhou 7
Guangzhou 6
Houston 6
Ashburn 5
Berlin 5
Changchun 5
San Francisco 5
Shanghai 5
Zhengzhou 5
Borås 4
Gunzenhausen 4
Brindisi 3
Fuzhou 3
Haikou 3
Orange 3
Como 2
Dresden 2
Gussago 2
Los Angeles 2
Redwood City 2
Rockville 2
San Donato Milanese 2
Segrate 2
Amsterdam 1
Antalya 1
Bangalore 1
Belvedere Spinello 1
Bologna 1
Brescia 1
Buenos Aires 1
Canelli 1
Capriate San Gervasio 1
Cupertino 1
Focsani 1
Gauteng 1
Geislingen an der Steige 1
Groningen 1
Hanover 1
Kyiv 1
Lequile 1
Limbiate 1
Ludwigshafen 1
Minerbio 1
Novokuznetsk 1
Nürnberg 1
Ostuni 1
Palermo 1
Phoenix 1
Pistoia 1
Qatif 1
Richardson 1
Rome 1
Sarajevo 1
Sofia 1
Taiyuan 1
Thuwal 1
Tomsk 1
Torino 1
Vigevano 1
Vimercate 1
Totale 6233
Nome #
Transgenic M. truncatula lines overexpressing the DNA repair Tdp2 gene: molecular characterization 89
RNA-Seq analysis discloses early senescence and nucleolar dysfunction triggered by Tdp1alpha depletion in Medicago truncatula 84
Structural modification of alfalfa stems during hot water and enzymatic hydrolysis for sugar production 83
Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis (Comet) assay with plants: research on DNA repair and ecogenotoxicity 79
Sunlight-promoted photocatalytic hydrogen gas evolution from water-suspended cellulose: a systematic study 79
Preliminary studies on the microwave pre-treating of lignocellulosic biomasses 72
Excitation versus ionic mechanism in the solid state radiolysis of poly(perfluoroethers). 70
Mutagenesi fisica per il miglioramento genetico in varietà commerciali micropropagate 70
Electron spin resonance of γ-ray induced radicals in thiourea–adamantane solid solutions 70
Effects of gamma-radiation on the polymer electrolyte (PEO)8/LiClO4 70
Detailed analytical study of radiolysis products of simple organic compounds as a methodological approach to investigate prebiotic chemistry—Part 2 68
Dicopper(II) and dicopper(III) complexes with a double-ring octaaza macrocycle 68
ESR molecular dynamics study at the oxidation sites of polypropylene with nitroxyl spin labels and spin probes 68
Electron spin resonance of radicals in γ-irradiated ethylene-propylene-polyene terpolymers 67
Mechanical degradation of elastomers in the presence of silica and inhibitors using a new design of mechano reactor 67
Comparison of the biological effects of low dose gamma irradiation in plant and animal cell cultures 66
Effects induced by gamma irradiation of different polyesters studied by viscometry, thermal analysis and positron annihilation spectroscopy. 65
Lignina: un polimero da bruciare? 65
Detailed analytical study of radiolysis products of simple organic compounds as a methodological approach to investigate prebiotic chemistry—Part 1 65
Effetti indotti da irraggiamento gamma su poliesteri di varia natura 64
Electron spin resonance of radicals in .gamma.-irradiated mono- and polycyclic olefins. 4. Electronic structure and electron spin resonance properties of a norbornenyl fused cyclopentadienyl radical 64
Gamma irradiation induced neo-organogenesis in a Rosmarinus officinalis callus line selected for secondary metabolites production 63
Studio EPR dei fenomeni di trasferimento di energia nella reazione di graffaggio di stirene su polietilene indotta da radiazioni. 62
Alkoxyfluoroalkyl radicals: Structure and conformations from solid state esr spectra 62
Effects of dose and dose rate in gamma-irradiated Petunia hybrida cells: DNA damage and repair/antioxidant mechanisms 61
ESR Study of radical cations from γ-irradiation of bicyclo[3.1.0]hex-2-ene in freon matrices 61
Radiation induced oxidation of isotactic polypropylene and mechanism of action of HALS stabilizers 61
The mechanism of gamma-radiolysis of polymethylene, polypropylene and poly-n-butylene oxides: An ESR investigation 61
Effects of the exposure to gamma rays on dissolution and morphological behaviour of HPMC matrix tablets 60
ESR study of .gamma.-irradiated substituted norbornanes in thiourea clathrate and adamantane matrix. Novel 2-norbornyl-type radicals 60
Electron spin resonance and molecular orbital study of radicals in irradiated fluoro-derivatives 60
Gamma-irradiation effects on polyethylene terephthalate studied by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy 59
ESR study of the direct radiolysis of DNA, DNA-histones and DNA-intercalators complexes 59
Processi di sterilizzazione e loro influenza sulle proprietà del principio attivo. 59
The mechanism of action of crosslinking additives in polyethylene vulcanisation: an EPR investigation 58
Polymers-gamma ray interaction. Effects of gamma irradiation on modified release drug delivery systems for oral administration 58
EPR study of the cryoconservation state on the free radical radiobiological damage of cells 58
Effects of gamma-radiation on polymer electrolytes: PEO and PEO20-LiClO4 58
Radiossidazione e Reazioni di Grafting nel Polietilene. 57
EPR study of Pt(I) and Pt(III) complexes in irradiated Pt(II) complexes of DNA and Purine bases 57
Chemical and physical stability of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose matrices containing diltiazem hydrochloride after gamma irradiation 57
ESR study of the gamma-radiolysis of perfluoropolyethers 57
Decay constants of peroxy radicals from polypropylene and polypropylene model compounds: A kinetic ESR study 57
ESR study of the gamma radiolysis of polyether sulphones 57
The role of silica in radiation induced grafting and crosslinking of silica/elastomer blends 57
Investigation of perfluoroperoxyl radicals self-coupling reactions by kinetic EPR spectroscopy 56
Kinetic ESR for self reactions of perfluoroalkyl ether peroxyradicals 56
EPR study of cation-radicals of cyclic alkenes in chlorofluorocarbon matrices 56
Synthesis of 1,2-bis(1,4,7,10-tetraazadodecanyl)ethane, a double-ring fully saturated macrocycle containing 12-membered tetraaza subunits 56
Acute and chronic ozone exposure temporarily affects seed germination in alpine plants 56
Heterodienesyntheses—XXV: Kinetics of the reaction of ethoxyethenes with 1-Phenyl-4-benzyliden-5-pyrazolone. Activation energies vs. energy gained in the cycloaddition 55
Dose-dependent reactive species accumulation and preferential double strand breaks repair are featured in the gamma-ray response in Medicago truncatula cells 55
Swine sewage as sacrificial biomass for photocatalytic hydrogen gas production: explorative study 55
Radiation Induced graft-Copolymerization of Styrene onto Polyethylene: free radical yields and energy transfer effects 54
Studi EPR di radicali indotti per irraggiamento gamma di solidi porosi dello Zn contenenti molecule guest. 54
Reactive carbons from Kraft lignin pyrolysis: Stabilization of peroxyl radicals at carbon/silica interface 54
Spin labelling for the study of silica-rubber interface 54
Spettroscopia EPR 53
DNA profiling, telomere analysis and antioxidant properties as tools for monitoring ex situ seed longevity 53
Electron spin resonance study of radicals in γ-irradiated mono- and poly-cyclic olefins. Part III. Allyl and pentadienyl radicals from dienes and trienes with strained ring structures 53
Partitioning of minor actinides: effects of gamma irradiation on the exctracting capabilities of a selected calixarene-based picolinamide ligand 52
Radiolisi del Lisozima in fase solida 52
Studio EPR sul meccanismo di radiolisi di poliesteri alifatici e aromatici 52
Mutation breeding in Petunia: indicatori cellulari e molecolari, rigenerazione in vitro e screening di nuove varietà 52
Gamma-ray-treated rice seeds show increased germination potential and enhanced DNA damage levels in seedlings 52
The Radiolytic Behaviour of Perfluoropolyethers and Their Non Fluorinated Analogues: A Comparative Ion and Free Radical Chemistry 52
Investigation on the radiation induced vulcanization of silica-elastomer blends: physical properties and filler-elastomer reaction mechanisms 51
The influence of g-irradiation and chemical structure on the dielectric properties of polypropylene 51
Kinetic modelling of solid state reactions: Time Dependent Reactivity in the Post Irradiation Oxidation of Polypropylene 51
EPR Investigation of sulphur radicals in the mechanism of accelerated sulphur vulcanization of SBR elastomers. 50
The Role of Ionizing Radiation on Simple Prebiotic Mixtures, a Comparison with UV Irradiation 50
New trends in EPR and EPR kinetics studies in the stabilization mechanism by N-oxyl radicals 50
Radicalreactivity of 2,2,6,6,-tetramethylpiperidinederivatives: A kinetic ESR study 50
EPR study of the mechanism of sulphur thermal vulcanization: note II 50
Dynamic and cooperative Jahn-Teller distortions in copper pyridine N-oxide complexes, Cu(pyO)6X2 (X = tetrafluoroborate(1-), perchlorate(1-), and nitrate(1-): structural and EPR studies of pure and zinc-doped systems 50
EPR and DFT study of ion-radicals. 49
Photolysis and photochemically assisted thermolysis of tetrafluoroethylenehexafluoropropene-oxygen terpolymers 49
Matrix isolation and ESR study of unstable intermediate generated by radiation techniques from metal carbonyl complexes 49
Esr study of intermediate radicals in UV and gamma irradiated perfluoropolyethers and their related polyperoxidic precursors 49
ESR of Free Radicals in Gamma Irradiated DNA-Histone Complex 49
Dose rate effects on the radiation induced oxidation of polyethylene 49
EPR evidence of triplet biradical in the photolysis of nifedipine. 49
Novel markers of the antioxidant response in ornamental species: isolation and molecular characterization of the Tdp1 (Tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase) genes 48
The TFIIS and TFIIS-like genes from Medicago truncatula are involved in oxidative stress response 48
ESR of free radical reactions in gamma-irradiated ethylene–propylene-based terpolymers. II 48
Dissolution stability of matrix tablets containing HPMC exposed to gamma radiations 48
EPR and ab-initio study on the solid state radiolysis of aliphatic and aromatic polyesters 48
ESR study of the chemical damage in the direct radiolysis of DNA by 60Co gamma and 5.6 Mev protons: the effect of the mono and bifunctional complexation to Pt(II) 47
Genotoxic effects of Tdp1a (Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase) depletion in Medicago truncatula: impairment of DNA repair pathways and enhancement of cell death fate 47
The Molecular Dynamics of Peroxy Radicals in Irradiated Crystalline Aliphatic Amides 47
EPR study of char residues obtained by pyrolysys of biomass 47
g-Radiation Induced Functional Modification of Silica and Radiation Vulcanization of SBR-Silica Composites 47
The chemical effects of ionizing radiations on fluorinated ethers. 46
Photoxidation and Stabilization of Polymers 46
Kinetic modelling of the post-irradiation oxidation of isotactic polypropylene 46
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