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Pavia 53
Lawrence 52
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Nanchang 45
Genova 44
Hebei 44
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Shenyang 33
Jiaxing 26
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Woodbridge 16
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Milan 7
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Nave 5
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Yekaterinburg 2
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Chisinau 1
Colombo 1
Dublin 1
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Guangzhou 1
Madrid 1
Markham 1
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Riga 1
Sucre 1
São Paulo 1
Tallinn 1
Verona 1
Zhengzhou 1
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Nome #
Mantle-crust interactions in the oceanic lithosphere: constraints from minor and trace elements in olivine 64
The Late Cretaceous continental succession of the Neuquén Basin (Argentina): facies-analysis, provenance patterns and detrital zircon geochronology in a back arc-foreland basin as a response to major geodynamic events. 62
Building of the deepest gabbroic crust at a fossil slow spreading centre (Pineto gabbroic sequence, Alpine Jurassic ophiolites) 58
Building of the deepest crust at a fossil slow-spreading centre (Pineto gabbroic sequence, Alpine Jurassic ophiolites) 55
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A conceptual model for the formation of a km-scale gabbroic body in a fossil slow spreading center (Corsica ophiolites, France) 51
Building of the deepest gabbroic crust at a fossil slow spreading centre (Pineto gabbroic sequence, Alpine Jurassic ophiolites) 51
Cretaceous evolution of the Andean margin between 36°S and 40°S latitude through a multi-proxy provenance analysis of Neuquén Basin strata (Argentina) 48
Melt transport and deformation history in a “non-volcanic” ophiolitic section (Northern Apennine, Italy): implications for crustal accretion at slow spreading settings 47
Reactive flow as dominant evolution process in the lowermost oceanic crust: evidence from olivine of the Pineto ophiolite (Corsica) 46
Lower crust generation in the Jurassic Ligurian-Piedmontese Basin (Pineto gabbroic complex, Corsica) 45
Origin of the gabbroic sequences from the Ligurian Jurassic ophiolites: implications for lower crust generation at slow spreading settings 44
Origin of olivine-rich troctolites from the oceanic lithosphere: a comparison between the Alpine Jurassic ophiolites and modern slow spreading ridges 42
Tectonic evolution of the Cretaceous back-arc to foreland Neuquén Basin (Argentina) through a detrital multi-proxy provenance study. 40
International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 360 Preliminary Report: Southwest Indian Ridge Lower Crust and Moho the nature of the lower crust and Moho at slower spreading ridges (SloMo Leg 1) 39
Detrital zircon provenance from the Neuquén Basin (South-central Andes): cretaceous geodynamic evolution and sedimentary response in a retroarc-foreland basin 38
Development and evolution of detachment faulting along 50 km of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge near 16.5N 38
Dynamic Accretion Beneath a Slow-Spreading Ridge Segment: IODP Hole 1473A and the Atlantis Bank Oceanic Core Complex 37
Water, lithium and trace element compositions of olivine from Lanzo South replacive mantle dunites (Western Alps): New constraints into melt migration processes at cold thermal regimes 37
Focused Melt Flow and Abyssal Magmatism at Lower Magma Supply Rates. 35
About the origin of the olivine-rich troctolites from the ocean lithosphere: remnants of a reactive MOHO? 32
Reactive overprint of the Central Indian Ridge mantle and formation of hybrid troctolites: reassessing the significance of bulk oceanic crust 32
Emplacement and High-Temperature Evolution of Gabbros of the 16.5°N Oceanic Core Complexes (Mid-Atlantic Ridge): Insights Into the Compositional Variability of the Lower Oceanic Crust 32
Ultra-depleted melt refertilization of mantle peridotites in a large intra-transform domain (Doldrums Fracture Zone; 7–8°N, Mid Atlantic Ridge) 32
Mantle-crust interactions in the oceanic lithosphere: constraints from minor and trace elements in olivine 30
Hybrid troctolites from mid-ocean ridges: inherited mantle in the lower crust 30
New insights on the origin of troctolites from the breakaway area of the Godzilla Megamullion (Parece Vela back-arc basin): The role of melt-mantle interaction on the composition of the lower crust 30
Melt transport and deformation history in a nonvolcanic ophiolitic section, northern Apennines, Italy: Implications for crustal accretion at slow spreading settings 29
Melt Rock Reaction in the Mantle and Accretion of the Lower Crust at Slow Spreading Ridges 29
Zircon U–Pb geochronology of lower crust and quartzo-feldspathic clastic sediments from the Balagne ophiolite (Corsica) 29
Melt-rock reaction in the mantle: mantle troctolites from the Parece Vela ancient back-arc spreading center 28
Compositional variations in spinel-hosted pargasite inclusions in the olivine-rich rock from the oceanic crust–mantle boundary zone 28
A quantitative model to explain the bimodal distribution of gabbros from the 16.50ºN core complex: an attempt to explain the compositional heterogeneity of the lower oceanic crust. 26
Occurrence of Felsic Rocks in Oceanic Gabbros from IODP Hole U1473A: Implications for Evolved Melt Migration in the Lower Oceanic Crust 26
The Ligurian Ophiolites: a journey through the building and evolution of slow spreading oceanic lithosphere 23
Fractionation of highly siderophile and chalcogen elements in the lower oceanic crust: Insights from the troctolites of the Alpine-Apennine Jurassic ophiolites 23
Crustal Accretion in a Slow Spreading Back‐Arc Basin: Insights From the Mado Megamullion Oceanic Core Complex in the Shikoku Basin 22
Geochemistry of the lunayyir and khaybar volcanic fields (Saudi Arabia): Insights into the origin of cenozoic arabian volcanism 20
Role of melting process and melt–rock reaction in the formation of Jurassic MORB-type basalts (Alpine ophiolites) 19
Early-Stage Melt-Rock Reaction in a Cooling Crystal Mush Beneath a Slow-Spreading Mid-Ocean Ridge (IODP Hole U1473A, Atlantis Bank, Southwest Indian Ridge) 19
IODP Expedition 360: First stage of drilling into Earth's Mantle 19
Role of ancient, ultra-depleted mantle in Mid-Ocean-Ridge magmatism 17
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New Data on the Structure of the Megatransform System of the Doldrums (Central Atlantic) 14
Multidisciplinary Investigation of the Transform Fault Zones Doldrums and Vema during Cruise 45 of the R/V “Akademik Nikolaj Strakhov” 13
Reactive melt migration controls the trace element budget of the lower oceanic crust: Insights from the troctolite-olivine gabbro association of the pineto ophiolite (Corsica, France) 13
Crustal Contamination and Hybridization of an Embryonic Oceanic Crust during the Red Sea Rifting (Tihama Asir Igneous Complex, Saudi Arabia) 12
Ancient refractory asthenosphere revealed by mantle re-melting at the Arctic Mid Atlantic Ridge 12
Grain Size Variations Record Segregation of Residual Melts in Slow-Spreading Oceanic Crust (Atlantis Bank, 57°E Southwest Indian Ridge) 12
Origin of oceanic ferrodiorites by injection of nelsonitic melts in gabbros at the Vema Lithospheric Section, Mid Atlantic Ridge 7
The heterogeneous tethyan oceanic lithosphere of the alpine ophiolites 7
Hidden but Ubiquitous: The Pre-Rift Continental Mantle in the Red Sea Region 7
Large-scale structure of the doldrums multi-fault transform system (7-8ºn equatorial atlantic): Preliminary results from the 45th expedition of the R/V A.N. strakhov 5
Brown amphibole as tracer of tectono-magmatic evolution of the Atlantis Bank oceanic core complex (IODP Hole U1473A) 2
Role of compaction in melt extraction and accumulation at a slow spreading center: Microstructures of olivine gabbros from the Atlantis Bank (IODP Hole U1473A, SWIR) 1
Geochemical evidence for local variability in redox and depositional conditions in a deep-water bonarelli equivalent section from Southern Tethys (Fontana Valloneto Section, Southern Italy) 1
Geological and Geophysical Studies of the Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone (North Atlantic) 1
Seafloor spreading and tectonics at the Charlie Gibbs transform system (52-53ºN, mid atlantic ridge): Preliminary results from R/V A. N. Strakhov expedition S50 1
Magma‐Mush Interactions in the Lower Oceanic Crust: Insights From Atlantis Bank Layered Series (Southwest Indian Ridge) 1
Melting and Evolution of Amphibole‐Rich Back‐Arc Abyssal Peridotites at the Mado Megamullion, Shikoku Basin 1
High???Temperature Strain Localization and the Nucleation of Oceanic Core Complexes (16.5??N, Mid???Atlantic Ridge) 1
Geological-Geophysical Investigations in the North Atlantic during Cruise 53 of the R/V Akademik Sergey Vavilov 1
Geochemical characteristics of back-arc basin lower crust and upper mantle at final spreading stage of Shikoku Basin: an example of Mado Megamullion 1
Peculiarities of the Tectonomagmatic Processes in the Interaction Area between the Icelandic Plume and the Bight Transform Fault (North Atlantic) 1
Genesis of Oceanic Oxide Gabbros and Gabbronorites During Reactive Melt Migration at Transform Walls (Doldrums Megatransform System; 7–8◦N Mid-Atlantic Ridge) 1
Geological and Geophysical Studies of the Double Transform Fault Charlie Gibbs (North Atlantic) during Cruise 50 of R/V Akademik Nikolaj Strakhov 1
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