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GB - Regno Unito 193
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GR - Grecia 7
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EU - Europa 5
NL - Olanda 5
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TR - Turchia 4
HK - Hong Kong 3
IR - Iran 3
AU - Australia 2
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BG - Bulgaria 1
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 1
KR - Corea 1
LA - Repubblica Popolare Democratica del Laos 1
LT - Lituania 1
PL - Polonia 1
TH - Thailandia 1
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Jacksonville 844
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Nanchang 238
Princeton 179
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Lawrence 168
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Medford 147
Jiaxing 138
Changsha 135
Boardman 114
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Hangzhou 82
Milan 70
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Helsinki 33
Brussels 26
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Borås 1
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Celâl 1
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Como 1
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Kaunas 1
Khon Kaen 1
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Sofia 1
São Paulo 1
Tomsk 1
Troisdorf 1
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Wiesbaden 1
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Nome #
Seed priming: state of the art and new perspectives 101
Transgenic M. truncatula lines overexpressing the DNA repair Tdp2 gene: molecular characterization 89
Cellular localization of dihydrofolate reductase-thymidylate synthase in carrot cells 86
RNA-Seq analysis discloses early senescence and nucleolar dysfunction triggered by Tdp1alpha depletion in Medicago truncatula 84
Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis (Comet) assay with plants: research on DNA repair and ecogenotoxicity 79
Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of elite white poplar (Populus alba L.) and regeneration of transgenic plants. 78
Antisense down-regulation of carrot top1a and top1b genes coding for topoisomerases I leads to delayed entry into PCD induced by reactive oxygen species. 76
Cell death induction and nitric oxide biosynthesis in white poplar (Populus alba L.) suspension cultures exposed to alfalfa saponins 74
Gamma irradiation with different dose rates induces different DNA damage responses in Petunia x hybrida cells 72
PCD hallmarks in cell suspension cultures of white poplar (Populus alba L., cv 'Villafranca') challenged with cadmium 70
Antisense RNA strategy applied to carrot top1a and b genes as a new tool for investigating the apoptotic response in plant cells 70
Mutagenesi fisica per il miglioramento genetico in varietà commerciali micropropagate 70
Ruolo antiossidante della metallotioneina in piante transgeniche di pioppo 69
Approaching the antioxidant role of metallothionein in plant cells using marker-free GM white poplars engineered with the PsMTA1 gene 67
Biochemical evidence for the presence of a bifunctional dihydrofolate reductase-thymidylate synthase in plant species 67
Nitric oxide biosynthesis in white poplar (Populus alba L.) suspension cultures challenged with heavy metals 66
Determinazione immunochimica della localizzazione intracellulare della diidrofolato riduttasi-timidilato sintasi (DHFR-TS) in cellule di carota 66
Comparison of the biological effects of low dose gamma irradiation in plant and animal cell cultures 66
DNA extraction from soil: comparison of different methods using spore-forming bacteria and the swrAA gene as indicators 65
Environmental effects on seed longevity in lowland and alpine populations of Silene vulgaris 65
Evaluation of agronomic performance, molecular and biochemical investigations and transgene-soil interactions of GM poplars 64
Downregulation of the CaMV35S- driven expression of StSy and bar transgenes at the onset of dormancy in poplar. 63
Carrot cells contain two top1 genes having the coding capacity for two distinct DNA topoisomerase I 63
In vitro translation of chloroplast mRNAs. 63
Changes in ROS scavenger systems in Daucus carota cell lines showing reduced expression of the top1b gene 63
Changes in the ascorbate metabolism of Daucus carota cell lines showing reduced expression of the top1b gene. 63
Characterization of mutants of Spirulina platensis resistant to amino acid analogues. 62
Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of barrel medic (Medicago truncatula L.) by an ipt-type Multi-Auto-Transformation (MAT) vector system 62
Ruolo dei geni TFIIS, Tdp1 e top1 nella risposta antiossidante del compartimento nucleare 62
Effects of in vitro bacterial inoculation (Bacillus subtilis) on the response to PEG-induced water stress in Medicago sativa L 62
Overexpression of MtTdp2alpha (Tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase 2alpha) gene in Medicago truncatula Gaertn. is associated with up-regulation of DNA repair and ROS scavenger genes and structural changes in nucleolar architecture 62
White poplar (Populus alba L.) suspension cultures as a model system to study apoptosis induced by alfalfa saponins 62
Proteolytic and partial sequencing studies of the bifunctional dihydrofolate reductase-thymidylate synthase from Daucus carota 61
Effects of dose and dose rate in gamma-irradiated Petunia hybrida cells: DNA damage and repair/antioxidant mechanisms 61
New insights on the barrel medic MtOGG1 and MtFPG functions in relation to oxidative stress response in planta and during seed imbibition 61
Il promotore 35SCaMV: uno studio per valutare la stabilità ed il livello di espressione dei transgeni bar e StSy nelle piante. 60
Recovery of useful traits from isolates inhabiting an agricultural soil cultivated with herbicide-resistant poplars 60
Comparative investigation of two nuclear isoforms of carrot DNA topoisomerase I:role in cell growth. 59
Evaluation of GM poplars expressing relevant traits for herbicide tolerance, disease resistance and production of pharmaceutics: biochemical, molecular and microbiological studies on plants and detection of transgene sequences in soil 59
GM PLANTS AND ENVIRONMENT: a study to assess the occurrence of horizontal gene transfer between transgenic forest trees (Populus alba L.) and soil microrganisms. 58
DNA topoisomerase I: evidence for an additional form in carrot cells 58
Immunoelectrophoretic investigation of Spirulina platensis and S. geitleri 58
Key genes for the antioxidant response in plant nucleus: isolation and molecular characterization in the model legume Medicago truncatula 58
Detection of transegene sequences in soils cultivated with GM poplars and production of -marker-free- GM poplar plants: different strategies to evaluate and improve the environmental impact of transgenic trees. 57
Evaluation of GM poplars expressing relevant traits for herbicide tolerance, disease resistance and production of pharmaceuticals: biochemical, molecular and microbiological studies on plants and detection of transgene sequences in soil 57
Response to UV-C radiation in topo I deficient carrot cells with low ascorbate levels 57
Seed imbibition in Medicago truncatula Gaertn: expression profiles of DNA repair genes in relation to PEG-mediated stress 57
Production of ipt-expressing white poplar lines (Populus alba L.) with abnormal root morphology. 57
Isolation of a type I topoisomerase from carrot cells 56
RNA-Seq analysis discloses early senescence and nucleolar disfunction triggered by TDP1a depletion in Medicago truncatula 56
Leaf-associated bacteria from transgenic white poplar (Populus alba L.) producing resveratrol-like compounds: isolation, molecular characterization and oxidative stress tolerance 56
Histochemistry for plant biology. 55
Control of reproduction in Populus alba by genetic ablation of floral tissues. 55
Response to oxidative stress in carrot cell lines characterized by a reduced expression of topl genes. 55
Genetica di popolazione ed evoluzione. 55
Monitoring oxidative damage responses in Daucus carota cell lines: contribution of DNA topoisomeras I 55
White poplar (P. alba L.) suspension cultures as a model system to study apoptosis induced by alfalfa saponins 55
Dose-dependent reactive species accumulation and preferential double strand breaks repair are featured in the gamma-ray response in Medicago truncatula cells 55
Persistence of DNA in the environment: investigation of horizontal gene transfers from GM poplar plants to soil microorganisms 55
Transformation of Daucus carota hypocotyls mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens 54
Characterization of a mutant of Chlamydomonas reinhardii resistant to fusidic acid. 54
GM poplar cultivation: evaluation of agronomic performance, molecular and biochemical investigations, transgene-soil interactions. 54
M. truncatula MtTdp1alpha-depleted lines show chromatin remodeling associated to DNA damage response 54
Backbone-free transformation of barrel medic (Medicago truncatula) with a Medicago-derived transfer DNA 54
DNA topoisomerase I and apoptosis: correlation between top1 gene expression and the onset of programmed cell death in response to oxidative stress in carrot cells. 53
Isolation and characterization of a carrot cell line resistant to methotrexate 53
Trasformazione genetica di tessuti di Daucus carota L. con Agrobacterium tumefaciens e rigenerazione di piante transgeniche 53
Understanding the dynamics of stress sensing within the plant nucleolus: investigation of the role played by the MtTdp gene family encoding tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase enzymes 53
Selection of methotrexate-resistant cell lines in Daucus carota: biochemical analysis and genetic characterization by protoplast fusion 53
Spore-forming bacteria in soil cultivated with GM white poplars: isolation and characterization 53
Antioxidative response of carrot top1b-deficient cells after UV-C treatment 53
DNA profiling, telomere analysis and antioxidant properties as tools for monitoring ex situ seed longevity 53
Genetic engineering of sexual sterility in poplar 52
Methyl-jasmonate-induced mitotic activity and cell expansion disrupt adventitious shoot formation in cultured tobacco thin layer explants. 52
Transgene stability in response to the growth/dormancy cycle in white poplars engineered with the 35SCaMV-bar and 35SCaMV-StSy constructs 52
Programmed cell death in Daucus carota cell lines showing reduced expression of the top1b gene 52
Two genes and two topoisomerases I in carrot: what's the function? 52
Mutation breeding in Petunia: indicatori cellulari e molecolari, rigenerazione in vitro e screening di nuove varietà 52
Unraveling the response of plant cells to cytotoxic saponins: role of metallothionein and nitric oxide 52
Gamma-ray-treated rice seeds show increased germination potential and enhanced DNA damage levels in seedlings 52
Fitorisanamento di suoli inquinati da metalli mediante pioppo: interazione con microrganismi del suolo, meccanismi molecolari e applicazioni in campo. 52
Analisi dell'espressione del gene top1 in tessuti vegetativi ed embrionali di carota 52
Reduced expression of top1b gene induces programmed cell death and alters ascorbate metabolism in Daucus carota cultured cells 51
In vitro culture and genetic engineering of Populus spp.: synergy for forest tree improvement 51
Purification and properties of DNA topoisomerase II from Daucus carota cells 51
Cloning of a cDNA encoding carrot DNA topoisomerase I 51
Stress ossidativo e nucleo: la deregolazione del gene top1b in cellule di Daucus carota induce un aumento della sensibilità alle radiazioni UV-C 51
Characterization of Tdp1 depleted barrel medic (Medicago truncatula) plants in response to in vitro osmotic stress 51
Studies on the expression of a 0.6 kb ubiquitin transcript in relation to cell proliferation and differentiation in carrot 50
Transgene stability and agronomical performance of two transgenic Basta-tolerant lines of Populus alba L 50
Cellular localization of dihydrofolate reductase-thymidylate synthase (DHFR-TS) in carrot cells 50
Cell wall integrity, genotoxic injury and PCD dynamics in alfalfa saponin-treated white poplar cells highlight a complex link between molecule structure and activity 50
Isolation and preliminary characterization of a carrot cDNA homologous to the yeast CDC20 gene 49
Genotoxic stress and DNA repair in plants: emerging functions and tools for improving crop productivity 49
Seasonal fluctuations in CaMV35S-driven expression of StSy and bar transgenes in genetically modified poplars. 48
Mucoproteins and acute phase reactants 48
Production of transgenic barrel medic (Medicago truncatula Gaernt.) using the ipt-type MAT vector system and unexpected impairment of Recombinase mediated excision events 48
Novel markers of the antioxidant response in ornamental species: isolation and molecular characterization of the Tdp1 (Tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase) genes 48
The TFIIS and TFIIS-like genes from Medicago truncatula are involved in oxidative stress response 48
Marcatori di qualità del polline in cultivar commerciali pregiate di Rosa hybrida L. 48
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