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CA - Canada 16
KR - Corea 15
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New York 79
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Nanchang 20
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Singapore 3
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Haranomachi 2
Maniago 2
Naples 2
Napoli 2
Nijmegen 2
Oak Harbor 2
Palermo 2
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Secugnago 2
Zhengzhou 2
Anzio 1
Auburn 1
Bottrop 1
Brisbane 1
Budapest 1
Cairo 1
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Chisinau 1
Ciudad Juárez 1
Colleferro 1
Council Bluffs 1
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Fuzhou 1
Genoa 1
Hanam 1
Houston 1
Jinan 1
Kish 1
Kunming 1
Landshut 1
Laurel 1
Lodi 1
London 1
Naaldwijk 1
Totale 3.967
Nome #
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