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NA - Nord America 2.526
AS - Asia 1.749
EU - Europa 1.401
AF - Africa 18
OC - Oceania 2
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 1
Totale 5.697
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 2.519
CN - Cina 1.730
IE - Irlanda 1.023
IT - Italia 132
FI - Finlandia 96
DE - Germania 66
BE - Belgio 36
MU - Mauritius 17
SE - Svezia 17
GB - Regno Unito 11
IN - India 11
CA - Canada 6
UA - Ucraina 6
NL - Olanda 5
GR - Grecia 4
PK - Pakistan 3
AU - Australia 2
RO - Romania 2
RU - Federazione Russa 2
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 1
EE - Estonia 1
EU - Europa 1
IR - Iran 1
MA - Marocco 1
NP - Nepal 1
PA - Panama 1
SG - Singapore 1
TR - Turchia 1
Totale 5.697
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Dublin 1.023
Chandler 552
Nanjing 522
Ashburn 317
Princeton 229
Lawrence 218
Nanchang 210
Hebei 181
Jacksonville 172
Shenyang 155
Wilmington 149
Changsha 145
Jiaxing 126
Medford 124
Helsinki 96
Tianjin 96
Hangzhou 86
Beijing 76
Shanghai 69
Pavia 60
Brussels 36
Norwalk 31
Washington 24
Seattle 20
Fairfield 19
Woodbridge 15
Ann Arbor 13
Milan 13
Cambridge 12
New York 10
Zhengzhou 10
Redwood City 9
Guangzhou 8
Travaco Siccomario 8
Jinan 6
San Francisco 6
Southend 6
Fuzhou 5
Ningbo 5
Orange 5
Sesto Fiorentino 5
Borås 4
Pune 4
Rockville 4
Seelze 4
Udine 4
Erbusco 3
Esslingen am Neckar 3
Falkenstein 3
Fremont 3
Groningen 3
Karachi 3
London 3
Novara 3
Anzio 2
Borgosatollo 2
Brescia 2
Cremona 2
Dearborn 2
Des Moines 2
Doncaster 2
Giussano 2
Hefei 2
Houston 2
Phoenix 2
Portland 2
San Cipriano Po 2
Santa Clara 2
Taizhou 2
Toronto 2
Andover 1
Atlanta 1
Bangalore 1
Bellinzago Lombardo 1
Boardman 1
Brooklyn 1
Buccinasco 1
Buffalo 1
Canberra 1
Chicago 1
Cosenza 1
Geislingen an der Steige 1
Gunzenhausen 1
Imola 1
Jawalakhel 1
Kemerovo 1
Kunming 1
Las Vegas 1
Mainz 1
Maitland 1
Nagold 1
Nashua 1
Nave 1
Orlando 1
Redmond 1
Riverview 1
Salé 1
San Antonio 1
San Felice del Benaco 1
Sassari 1
Totale 4.978
Nome #
A Local Allosteric Network in Heat Shock Protein 70 (Hsp70) Links Inhibitor Binding to Enzyme Activity and Distal Protein-Protein Interactions 65
AICAR: A rational identified small molecule targeting Hsp90 chaperone function in cancer cells 49
Ab initio protein structure prediction with a dipeptide-assembly evolutionary algorithm 49
Designing Molecular Spanners to Throw in the Protein Networks 48
A protease-resistant Escherichia coli asparaginase with outstanding stability and enhanced anti-leukaemic activity in vitro 46
On the binding of naphthalene diimides to a human telomeric G-quadruplex multimer model 46
Chemical Perturbation of Oncogenic Protein Folding: from the Prediction of Locally Unstable Structures to the Design of Disruptors of Hsp90–Client Interactions 45
Biocompatible graft copolymers from bacterial poly(γ-glutamic acid) and poly(lactic acid) 45
Antileukemic activity of shepherdin, a novel targeted inhibitor of the survivin-HSP90 complex. 44
All-atom folding simulations of the villin headpiece from stochastically selected coarse-grained structures 43
3D-QSAR-Assisted Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Novobiocin Analogues 43
Allosteric Regulation Points Control the Conformational Dynamics of the Molecular Chaperone Hsp90 42
A dynamic perspective on the molecular recognition of chitooligosaccharide ligands by hevein domains 41
2 `-O-Alkyl Derivatives and 5 `-Analogues of 5-Aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide-1-beta-D-ribofuranoside (AICAR) as Potential Hsp90 Inhibitors 41
Dynamically Shaping Chaperones. Allosteric Modulators of HSP90 Family as Regulatory Tools of Cell Metabolism in Neoplastic Progression 41
Antileukemic activity of shepherdin and molecular diversity of Hsp90 inhibitors 40
Solvent dynamics and mechanism of proton transfer in human carbonic anhydrase II 40
Allosteric modulators of Hsp90 and Hsp70: Dynamics meets Function through Structure-Based Drug Design 40
The Answer Lies in the Energy: How Simple Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulations May Hold the Key to Epitope Prediction on the Fully Glycosylated SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein 40
Are Amyloid Fibrils RNA-Traps? A Molecular Dynamics Perspective 40
Activation of Hsp90 Enzymatic Activity and Conformational Dynamics through Rationally Designed Allosteric Ligands 39
Anharmonicity and self-similarity of the free energy landscape of protein G 39
Analyzing the free energy landscape of natural peptides: Insights from atomistic MD Simulations 38
Antiangiogenic small molecule ligands of FGF2 derived from the endogenous inhibitor thrombospondin-1 38
Molecular Simulations of Peptides: A Useful Tool for the Development of New Drugs and for the Study of Molecular Recognition 37
Impact of Mutations on NPAC Structural Dynamics: Mechanistic Insights from MD Simulations 37
New perspectives in cancer drug development: computational advances with an eye to design 37
A Computational Assay of Estrogen Receptor alpha Antagonists Reveals the Key Common Structural Traits of Drugs Effectively Fighting Refractory Breast Cancers 36
ADAMDEC1 maintains a growth factor signaling loop in cancer stem cells 36
Structure and sequence determinants of aggregation investigated with molecular dynamics 36
Assessing the influence of electrostatic schemes on molecular dynamics simulations of secondary structure forming peptides 35
Coupling high enzyme activity and stability: a challenging target 35
Application of structure-based thermodynamic calculations to the rationalization of the enantioselectivity of subtilisin in organic solvents 35
A Multiscale Approach to Characterize the Early Aggregation Steps of the Amyloid-Forming Peptide GNNQQNY from the Yeast Prion Sup-35 34
Corresponding Functional Dynamics across the Hsp90 Chaperone Family: Insights from a Multiscale Analysis of MD Simulations 34
Structure determination and dynamics of peptides overlapping the catalytic hairpin of the Ras-specific GEF Cdc25(Mm) 33
Non-peptidic Thrombospondin-1 Mimics as Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 Inhibitors AN INTEGRATED STRATEGY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF NEW ANTIANGIOGENIC COMPOUNDS 33
Ligand selection from the analysis of protein conformational substates: new leads targeting the N-terminal domain of Hsp90 33
Design of Disruptors of the Hsp90–Cdc37 Interface 33
Mechanistic Model for the Hsp90-Driven Opening of Human Argonaute 33
The Binding Pocket at the Interface of Multimeric Telomere G-quadruplexes: Myth or Reality? 33
An atomistic view of Hsp70 allosteric crosstalk: from the nucleotide to the substrate binding domain and back 32
A decoy set for the thermostable subdomain from chicken villin headpiece, comparison of different free energy estimators 32
The Five-To-Six-Coordination Transition of Ferric Human Serum Heme-Albumin Is Allosterically-Modulated by Ibuprofen and Warfarin: A Combined XAS and MD Study 32
A Hamiltonian Replica Exchange Molecular Dynamics (MD) Method for the Study of Folding, Based on the Analysis of the Stabilization Determinants of Proteins 32
The Interplay between Structural Stability and Plasticity Determines Mutation Profiles and Chaperone Dependence in Protein Kinases 32
Protein design: from computer models to artificial intelligence 32
Understanding Complex Mechanisms of Enzyme Reactivity: The Case of Limonene-1,2-Epoxide Hydrolases 32
Expedient Access to 2-Benzazepines by Palladium-Catalyzed C-H activation: Identification of a Unique HSP90 Inhibitor Scaffold 32
A Structure-Based Strategy for Epitope Discovery in Burkholderia pseudomallei OppA Antigen 32
Tryptophan scanning mutagenesis as a way to mimic the compound-bound state and probe the selectivity of allosteric inhibitors in cells 32
Atomistic Simulations of the Mechanisms of the Poorly Catalytic Mitochondrial Chaperone Trap1: Insights into the Effects of Structural Asymmetry on Reactivity 32
A Molecular Dynamics Study of the Interaction of D-Peptide Amyloid Inhibitors with Their Target Sequence Reveals a Potential Inhibitory Pharmacophore Conformation 31
Enhancing Antibody Serodiagnosis Using a Controlled Peptide Coimmobilization Strategy 31
Combinatorial drug design targeting multiple cancer signaling networks controlled by mitochondrial Hsp90 31
Exploiting the folding and degradation machineries to target undruggable proteins: What can the computational approach tell us? 31
Modeling enzyme reactivity in organic solvents and water through computer simulations 30
Structural determinants of the unusual helix stability of a De Novo engineered vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) mimicking peptide 30
beta(3)-adrenergic receptor ligands: insight into structure-activity relationships using Monte-Carlo conformational analysis in water 30
Covalent docking of selected boron-based serine beta-lactamase inhibitors 30
Inhibiting Peptide and Protein Self-Aggregation: What Can Simulations Tell Us? 30
Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of (: E)-2,3-diaryl-5-styryl- trans -2,3-dihydrobenzofuran-based scaffolds and their in vitro and in silico evaluation as a novel sub-family of potential allosteric modulators of the 90 kDa heat shock protein (Hsp90) 30
The Subtle Trade-Off between Evolutionary and Energetic Constraints in Protein-Protein Interactions 30
The Structural Asymmetry of Mitochondrial Hsp90 (Trap1) Determines Fine Tuning of Functional Dynamics 29
Interplay between hydrophobic cluster and loop propensity in beta-hairpin formation: A mechanistic study 29
Modeling enzymatic processes: A molecular simulation analysis of the origins of regioselectivity 29
From crystal structure to in silico epitope discovery in the Burkholderia pseudomallei flagellar hook-associated protein FlgK 29
Bow to the enemy: How flexibility of host protein receptors can favor SARS-CoV-2 29
Synthesis of Functionalized 2-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)-3-methylbenzofuran Allosteric Modulators of Hsp90 Activity 28
Assessment of Mutational Effects on Peptide Stability through Confinement Simulations 28
The Dynamics of Drug Discovery 28
The calcium-binding type III repeats domain of thrombospondin-2 binds to fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF2) 28
Study of the villin headpiece folding dynamics by combining coarse-grained Monte Carlo evolution and all-atom molecular dynamics 28
The Importance of Detail: How Differences in Ligand Structures Determine Distinct Functional Responses in Integrin αv β3 28
Setup and Validation of a Reliable Docking Protocol for the Development of Neuroprotective Agents by Targeting the Sigma-1 Receptor (S1R) 28
Combining computational and biochemical studies for a rationale on the anti-aromatase activity of natural polyphenols 27
Sequence dependence of amyloid fibril formation: Insights from molecular dynamics simulations 27
Targeting difficult protein-protein interactions with plain and general computational approaches 27
Computational Study of the Resistance Shown by the Subtype B/HIV-1 Protease to Currently Known Inhibitors 27
HMGB1-Carbenoxolone Interactions: Dynamics Insights from Combined Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Molecular Dynamics 27
The molecular chaperone TRAP1 in cancer: From the basics of biology to pharmacological targeting 27
Folding and stability of the three-stranded beta-sheet peptide betanova: Insights from molecular dynamics simulations 26
Rationalization of the enantioselectivity of subtilisin in DMF 26
Molecular Mechanism of Allosteric Communication in Hsp70 Revealed by Molecular Dynamics Simulations 26
Flagellar subunits as targets for structure-based epitope discovery approaches and melioidosis vaccine development 26
Structure elucidation and 3D solution conformation of the antibiotic enduracidin determined by NMR spectroscopy and molecular dynamics. 26
Honokiol Bis-Dichloroacetate Is a Selective Allosteric Inhibitor of the Mitochondrial Chaperone TRAP1 26
Revealing Escherichia coli type II l-asparaginase active site flexible loop in its open, ligand-free conformation 26
SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Mutations and Escape from Antibodies: A Computational Model of Epitope Loss in Variants of Concern 26
Dimerization Capacities of FGF2 Purified with or without Heparin-Affinity Chromatography 25
Rational Epitope Design for Protein Targeting 25
Identification of a New Scaffold for Hsp90 C-Terminal Inhibition 25
Modelling the enantioselectivity of subtilisin in water and organic solvents: insights from molecular dynamics and quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical studies 25
Exploiting Conformational Dynamics in Drug Discovery: Design of C-Terminal Inhibitors of Hsp90 with Improved Activities 25
Remote control of enzyme selectivity: the case of stevioside and steviolbioside 25
The molecular dynamics of assembly of the ubiquitous aortic medial amyloidal medin fragment 25
Modeling the alpha-helix to beta-hairpin transition mechanism and the formation of oligomeric aggregates of the fibrillogenic peptide A beta(12-28): insights from all-atom molecular dynamics simulations 25
Inhibition of FGF-2 angiogenic activity by novel small molecules mimetic of thrombospondin-1 (TSP-1) 25
Designing molecular spanners to throw in the protein networks. 25
Rational Design of Allosteric and Selective Inhibitors of the Molecular Chaperone TRAP1 25
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