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NA - Nord America 1704
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AS - Asia 1034
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 3
AF - Africa 2
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 1689
CN - Cina 1006
IE - Irlanda 645
UA - Ucraina 214
FI - Finlandia 155
DE - Germania 117
IT - Italia 78
GB - Regno Unito 74
SE - Svezia 65
BE - Belgio 32
FR - Francia 23
CA - Canada 15
IN - India 12
IR - Iran 5
MY - Malesia 5
VN - Vietnam 4
EU - Europa 3
NL - Olanda 3
RU - Federazione Russa 3
AT - Austria 2
CH - Svizzera 2
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 2
DK - Danimarca 2
RO - Romania 2
SG - Singapore 2
LV - Lettonia 1
MU - Mauritius 1
ZA - Sudafrica 1
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Dublin 645
Chandler 480
Nanjing 310
Jacksonville 300
Nanchang 134
Princeton 113
Lawrence 105
Beijing 99
Medford 97
Wilmington 89
Shenyang 84
Changsha 76
Ann Arbor 74
Hebei 73
Jiaxing 71
Tianjin 55
Hangzhou 53
Boardman 36
Woodbridge 34
Brussels 32
Milan 32
Augusta 23
Helsinki 23
San Mateo 21
Fairfield 14
Norwalk 14
Toronto 12
Des Moines 11
Pavia 11
Verona 11
Ashburn 6
Kunming 6
Paris 6
Taizhou 5
Zhengzhou 5
Auburn Hills 4
Bangalore 4
Dearborn 4
Dong Ket 4
Fagnano Olona 4
Jinan 4
Los Angeles 4
Orange 4
Shanghai 4
Leawood 3
Ningbo 3
Rome 3
Andover 2
Campia 2
Changchun 2
Fuzhou 2
Guangzhou 2
Hamburg 2
Houston 2
Liberec 2
Paderno Dugnano 2
Bergamo 1
Berlin 1
Bossey 1
Boston 1
Cambridge 1
Cameri 1
Chongqing 1
Den Haag 1
Jaipur 1
Las Vegas 1
Lausanne 1
Montreal 1
Muizenberg 1
Palo Alto 1
Redwood City 1
Rockville 1
San Francisco 1
San Giorgio A Cremano 1
Scarborough 1
Seattle 1
Shiraz 1
Torino 1
Trumbull 1
Vienna 1
Windischeschenbach 1
Xian 1
Yurga 1
Zhoushan 1
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Nome #
A robust model predictive control algorithm for nonlinear systems with a low computational burden 74
A Robust Explicit Nonlinear MPC Controller with Input-To-State Stability Guarantees 74
Active Fault Diagnosis using Moving Horizon Input Design 70
Decentralized MPC of Nonlinear Systems: an Input-to-State Stability Approach 66
Input Design for Guaranteed Fault Diagnosis Using Zonotopes 65
Towards the practical implementation of Min-Max Nonlinear Model Predictive Control 64
Optimal Design of Experiments for a Lithium-Ion Cell: Parameters Identification of an Isothermal Single Particle Model with Electrolyte Dynamics 64
Modification of Crystal Shape through Deep Temperature Cycling 61
A tracking algorithm for PTZ cameras 60
A Hybrid Stochastic-Deterministic Input Design Method for Active Fault Diagnosis 59
Model predictive control of type 1 diabetes: An in silico trial 59
Evaluating the efficacy of closed-loop regulation via Control-Variability Grid Analysis (CVGA) 58
Regional Input-to-state Stability for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control 58
A Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Scheme with Multirate Integral Sliding Mode 58
Robust model predictive control of continuous-time sampled-data nonlinear systems with integral sliding mode 57
A stochastic reachability framework for autonomous surveillance with pan‐tilt‐zoom cameras 57
Cooperative Constrained Control of Distributed Agents with Nonlinear Dynamics and Delayed Information Exchange: a Stabilizing Receding Horizon Approach 57
Input-to-State Stability: an unifying framework for Robust Model Predictive Control 57
A Set-Theoretic Method for Verifying Feasibility of a Fast Explicit Nonlinear Model Predictive Controller 55
Input-to-state Stability for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control 55
Design of Active Inputs for Set-Based Fault Diagnosis 53
Personalized Subcutaneous Model-Predictive Closed-Loop Control of T1DM: Pilot Studies in the USA and Italy 52
Real-time model predictive control for the optimal charging of a lithium-ion battery 52
Assessing the Performance of Model-Based Energy Saving Charging Strategies in Li-Ion Cells 52
Constrained time-optimal control for nonlinear systems: a fast explicit approximation 52
Regional Input-to-State Stability of Min-Max Model Predictive Control 51
Model Predictive Control for Type 1 Diabetes: an in Silico Experiment 51
Real-time MPC - Stability through Robust MPC design 51
Min-max model predictive control of nonlinear systems: A unifying overview on stability 51
Suboptimal Explicit Hybrid MPC Via Branch and Bound 50
A distributed reference management scheme in presence of non-convex constraints: an MPC based approach 50
An iterative decentralized MPC algorithm for large-scale nonlinear systems 50
Robust Receding - Horizon Control of Nonlinear Systems with State Dependent Uncertainties: an Input-to-State Stability Approach 49
Robust Model Predictive Control with Integral Sliding Mode in Continuous-time Sampled-data Nonlinear Systems 49
Fault-Tolerant Model Predictive Control with Active Fault Isolation 48
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control: Towards New Challenging Applications 47
Robust Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear Systems with Bounded and State-Dependent Uncertainties 47
Design of importance-map based randomized patrolling strategies 47
Collision avoidance command governor for multi-vehicle unmanned systems 47
Active fault diagnosis: A multi-parametric approach 47
Fast Model Predictive Control for hydrogen outflow regulation in Ethanol Steam Reformers 47
Decentralized Open-Loop MPC of Nonlinear Systems: an Input-to-State Stability Approach 47
Distributed collision avoidance for interacting vehicles: a command governor approach 46
Predictive control based system and method for control of insulin delivery in diabetes using glucose sensing 46
Optimal placement of wind turbines on a continuous domain: An MILP-based approach 46
Optimal Design of Experiment for Parameter Estimation of a Single Particle Model for Lithiumion Batteries 46
A hybrid stochastic-deterministic approach for active fault diagnosis using scenario optimization 45
Probabilistic certification of pan‐tilt‐zoom camera surveillance systems 44
Guaranteed active fault diagnosis for uncertain nonlinear systems 44
Closed-loop input design for guaranteed fault diagnosis using set-valued observers 44
Battery ageing-aware stochastic management of power networks in islanded mode 44
A mixed integer SDP approach for the optimal placement of energy storage devices in power grids with renewable penetration 43
Design of Piecewise Affine and Linear Time Varying based Model Predictive Control Strategies for Advanced Battery Management Systems 43
A mixed integer SDP approach for the optimal placement of energy storage devices in power grids with renewable penetration 42
Fast explicit nonlinear model predictive control via multiresolution function approximation with guaranteed stability 41
Optimum Input Design for Fault Detection and Diagnosis: Model-based Prediction and Statistical Distance Measures 41
Multirate sliding mode disturbance compensation for model predictive control 41
Constrained zonotopes: A new tool for set-based estimation and fault detection 40
A probabilistic framework for reference design for guaranteed fault diagnosis under closed-loop control 39
A decentralized mpc algorithm for nonlinear systems 38
Towards a Model-Based Field-Frequency Lock for NMR 38
LIONSIMBA: A matlab framework based on a finite volume model suitable for Li-ion battery design, simulation, and control 36
Optimal charging of a Li-ion cell: A hybrid Model Predictive Control approach 36
Model Predictive Control of glucose concentration in type I diabetec patients: an in silico trial 36
Balancing-aware charging strategy for series-connected lithium-ion cells: A nonlinear model predictive control approach 36
Optimal Health-aware Charging Protocol for Lithium-ion Batteries: A Fast Model Predictive Control Approach 35
Model predictive control of systems with deadzone and saturation 35
Model Predictive Control of glucose concentration in subjects with type 1 diabetes: an in silico trial 34
Towards adaptive health-aware charging of Li-ion batteries: A real-time predictive control approach using first-principles models 34
Optimal charging of an electric vehicle battery pack: A real-time sensitivity-based model predictive control approach 34
Reinforcement learning-based fast charging control strategy for li-ion batteries 34
On Real-time Robust Model Predictive Control 33
Film growth minimization in a Li-ion cell: A Pseudo Two Dimensional model-based optimal charging approach 33
Optimising lithium-ion cell design for plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles 32
Robust Model Predictive Control Algorithms for Nonlinear Systems: an Input-to-State Stability Approach 30
Fast robust model predictive control of high-dimensional systems 30
Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences: Preface 30
FDA approved simulator of Type 1 diabetes: an in silico substitute for artificial pancreas preclinical studies 30
Path Tracking Control with State Estimation based on Constrained Zonotopes for Aerial Load Transportation 30
Ecological Velocity Planning through Signalized Intersections: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach 30
Hierarchical task allocation for multi-agent systems encoded by stochastic reachability specifications 29
A Parametric Branch and Bound Approach to Suboptimal Explicit Hybrid MPC 29
Evaluating the efficacy of closed-loop glucose regulation via control-variability grid analysis (CVGA). 28
Multicenter closed-loop/hybrid meal bolus insulin delivery with type 1 diabetes 28
Towards a Model-Based Field-Frequency Lock for Fast-Field Cycling NMR 28
GIM, simulation software of meal glucose - Insulin model 28
Multi-agent autonomous surveillance: A framework based on stochastic reachability and hierarchical task allocation 27
Multicenter Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery Study Points to Challenges for Keeping Blood Glucose in a Safe Range by a Control Algorithm in Adults and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes from Various Sites 26
Min-max model predictive control of nonlinear systems: A unifying overview on stability 26
In silico testing and in vivo experiments with closed-loop control of blood glucose in diabetes 24
Closed-loop control of glucose concentration in subjects with type 1 diabetes: an in silico trial 24
Set-based state estimation of nonlinear systems using constrained zonotopes and interval arithmetic 23
Multi-robot routing and scheduling with temporal logic and synchronization constraints 23
null 21
Guaranteed methods based on constrained zonotopes for set-valued state estimation of nonlinear discrete-time systems 20
null 19
A computationally efficient implementation of a battery pack electrochemical model using waveform relaxation 19
A decentralized fault-tolerant control scheme based on Active Fault Diagnosis 19
NMPC of glucose concentration in subjects with type 1 diabetes 16
Global sensitivity methods for design of experiments in lithium-ion battery context 15
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