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NA - Nord America 1.452
EU - Europa 1.424
AS - Asia 716
AF - Africa 4
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 4
SA - Sud America 2
Totale 3.602
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 1.444
CN - Cina 698
IE - Irlanda 664
FI - Finlandia 166
UA - Ucraina 151
DE - Germania 115
FR - Francia 91
IT - Italia 81
SE - Svezia 63
GB - Regno Unito 45
BE - Belgio 37
CA - Canada 7
PH - Filippine 5
IN - India 4
JP - Giappone 4
EU - Europa 3
MU - Mauritius 3
NL - Olanda 3
RU - Federazione Russa 3
HK - Hong Kong 2
PT - Portogallo 2
TR - Turchia 2
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BG - Bulgaria 1
CL - Cile 1
CO - Colombia 1
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 1
EG - Egitto 1
KH - Cambogia 1
MX - Messico 1
PL - Polonia 1
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Dublin 662
Chandler 368
Jacksonville 217
Nanjing 195
Nanchang 92
Helsinki 90
Princeton 89
Beijing 87
Lawrence 83
Ann Arbor 74
Wilmington 74
Medford 68
Hebei 63
Shenyang 52
Jiaxing 51
Changsha 50
Pavia 39
Brussels 37
Hangzhou 33
Tianjin 29
Washington 29
Boardman 24
Woodbridge 19
Fairfield 15
Norwalk 11
Milan 10
Ningbo 7
Toronto 7
Verona 7
Des Moines 6
Jinan 6
Zhengzhou 5
Ashburn 4
Buting 4
Redwood City 4
Canton 3
Falls Church 3
Guangzhou 3
Houston 3
Kunming 3
Orange 3
Seattle 3
Tappahannock 3
Bologna 2
Chengdu 2
Dearborn 2
Gallarate 2
Kochi 2
Lanzhou 2
Matosinhos Municipality 2
Novara 2
Taizhou 2
Tokyo 2
Aragona 1
Auburn Hills 1
Berlin 1
Buffalo 1
Cairo 1
Cambridge 1
Casalpusterlengo 1
Central 1
Changchun 1
Chicago 1
Cuernavaca 1
Doncaster 1
Edmond 1
Falkenstein 1
Fuzhou 1
Groningen 1
Hefei 1
Las Vegas 1
Leawood 1
Los Angeles 1
Ludwigshafen 1
Magdeburg 1
Mumbai 1
Napoli 1
Nürnberg 1
Phoenix 1
Polska 1
Rockville 1
Rome 1
San Mateo 1
Serra 1
Sesto San Giovanni 1
Shanghai 1
Sofia 1
Tamm 1
Tomsk 1
Walnut 1
Waltham 1
Zibido San Giacomo 1
Totale 2.694
Nome #
Transgenic M. truncatula lines overexpressing the DNA repair Tdp2 gene: molecular characterization 96
RNA-Seq analysis discloses early senescence and nucleolar dysfunction triggered by Tdp1alpha depletion in Medicago truncatula 90
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Seed-specific expression of AINTEGUMENTA in Medicago truncatula led to the production of larger seeds and improved seed germination. 51
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Enhanced osmotic stress tolerance in Medicago truncatula plants overexpressing the DNA repair gene MtTdp2alpha (tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase 2) 50
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The Tyrosyl‐DNA Phosphodiesterase 1β (Tdp1β) Gene Discloses an Early Response to Abiotic Stresses 49
Mutation breeding in Petunia: ottimizzazione di parametri chiave, rigenerazione in vitro e screening di nuove varietà 48
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Novel alleles of rice eIF4G generated by CRISPR/Cas9-targeted mutagenesis confer resistance to Rice tungro spherical virus 43
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Prolonged cold storage affects pollen viability and germination along with hydrogen peroxide and nitric oxide content in rosa hybrida 38
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null 30
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Comparative genomic analysis reveals evolutionary and structural attributes of MCM gene family in Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa 28
A snapshot of the trehalose pathway during seed imbibition in Medicago truncatula reveals temporal- and stress-dependent shifts in gene expression patterns associated with metabolite changes 26
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MicroRNAs targeting DEAD-box helicases are involved in salinity stress response in rice (Oryza sativa L.) 22
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Hydropriming and Biopriming Improve Medicago truncatula Seed Germination and Upregulate DNA Repair and Antioxidant Genes 22
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Physiological and molecular aspects of seed longevity: exploring intra-species variation in eight Pisum sativum L. accessions 14
Hydropriming applied on fast germinating Solanum villosum Miller seeds: impact on pre-germinative metabolism 13
Systems biology and genome-wide approaches to unveil the molecular players involved in the pre-germinative metabolism: implications on seed technology traits 12
Transcriptomics View over the Germination Landscape in Biofortified Rice 12
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null 4
Molecular dynamics of seed priming at the crossroads between basic and applied research 2
Study of Seed Ageing in lpa1-1 Maize Mutant and Two Possible Approaches to Restore Seed Germination 2
Seed Priming Applied to Onion-Like Crops: State of the Art and Open Questions 1
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